My favourite Apps to get me through social distancing

We’re not allowed to go out and socialise so here are some of my favourite Apps to help me get through social distancing – Social Media Twitter – I’m loving people’s creativity being shared on Twitter and funny quotes during this time of unrest. Of course, there’s also negativity but nothing the mute button can’t fix! Instagram – Like Twitter another place to see people’s … Continue reading My favourite Apps to get me through social distancing

Working from home tips

What uncertain times we are currently living in! And it’s forced many businesses to shut down or enforce a work from home routine for it’s employees. I wanted to write about workplaces, office environments in particular, that are allowing employees to work from home. You continue to work, you just don’t need to go into your office to do that. Sounds like a pretty sweet … Continue reading Working from home tips

Remedies to fight off the cold…

Hi Guys We’re in that time of year when we will be struggling colds and catching the flu from other people…. on the train, at work, at home, at school… everywhere!! As I’m typing this, I’m sniffling away showing early signs of the common cold, so I thought I’d share with you some remedies to fight off the cold before it really takes hold! Hot … Continue reading Remedies to fight off the cold…

Money Saving Tips

Hi Guys! If you read my last post Life Update – August you will know that I’m looking to buy a property in London, which is VERY pricey! So, I’ve made a few simple changes start saving money and thought I’d share my tips on how to save money with you guys! Memberships/Subscriptions I looked at all the memberships that I have and determined whether … Continue reading Money Saving Tips