Things I like to do to relax

Hi Guys! Life can be crazy sometimes and winding down and relaxing is so important for your own health and well being. I have a busy mind and sometimes don’t leave work at work (I have an office ‘9-5’ job). I’ve worked crazy hours in the past which has really got to me and left me feeling quite down so I always make an effort to … Continue reading Things I like to do to relax

Lush – Sex Bomb

Hi Guys! We all love a bit of Lush bath products don’t we? Amazing colours, incredible smells, cruelty free, super soft skin and fun to watch the bath bombs activate their sizzling selves in the water creating the most relaxing baths ever! There’s so many superb products to choose from and I love browsing Lush stores to see what new products they’ve released and trying … Continue reading Lush – Sex Bomb