Ropch Bag Organiser

Ropch Bag Organiser

This post contains affiliate links Hi Guys! My bag is filled with endless bits and bobs which often get lost at the bottom of my bag. Not all bags have the pockets and slits that I need for my possessions, so a bag organiser was much needed! I purchased the Ropch Bag Organiser from Amazon and I absolutely love it! This handy organiser comes in … Continue reading Ropch Bag Organiser

The perfect little bag

Hi Guys! Finding the right bag is like finding gold for me. I’m very particular about the compartments I need – somewhere to put things that are easy to get to, somewhere that is harder to get to for things like my keys and bank card (you ain’t getting to me pick-pockets-in-crowded-places!), a bag that isn’t flimsy (I don’t want to have to fight with … Continue reading The perfect little bag

Today’s Look – 23rd September 2017

Hi Guys! I’ve had a pretty chilled day today with a few friends and thought I’d do a quick Today’s Look post. So to start with make-up, I went with – Bobbi Brown’s foundation stick in shade Warm Natural. I really love these foundation sticks, they are really natural looking on the skin and easy to build up for a fuller coverage too. I went with … Continue reading Today’s Look – 23rd September 2017

Shopping Haul…

Hi Guys I’ve been shopping! 🙂 I’ve brought some really good things and everything I got was well priced/on sale, so I’m really pleased! Starting off with Primark, I’ve made two visits to Primark recently and brought two more of their basic t-shirts. You will have seen from one of my previous Clothes and shoes haul…! blogs, I brought three t-shirts and I love them so much I couldn’t … Continue reading Shopping Haul…