Get to know me..

Hi I’ve posted very little about me on this blog so I thought I’d share some information about me. My earliest memory is of being in my cot during very strong winds and seeing the tree outside our house swishing back and forth. My mum is close by (although I don’t remember seeing her) and she’s talking to someone about my Dad as he wasn’t … Continue reading Get to know me..


Working from home tips

What uncertain times we are currently living in! And it’s forced many businesses to shut down or enforce a work from home routine for it’s employees. I wanted to write about workplaces, office environments in particular, that are allowing employees to work from home. You continue to work, you just don’t need to go into your office to do that. Sounds like a pretty sweet … Continue reading Working from home tips

dermalogica daily microfoliant

SKINCARE: dermalogica daily microfoliant

The beauty and skincare world is full to the brim of various products to improve your beauty and skincare regime. It’s not very often I find a skincare product that works and improves my skin quickly, usually I have to use the product for a good month before I start to see results. When I started using the dermalogica daily microfoliant I was thrilled when … Continue reading SKINCARE: dermalogica daily microfoliant

Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager

This post contains affiliate links Hi Guys! I love a massage and my lifestyle sometimes just calls for it as I get achy shoulders and achy upper back given my sit down job and self induced bad posture! But getting a massage can be expensive, so when I heard about the Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager I had to give it try. This massager comes … Continue reading Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager

Things that I love that most people hate

Walking home in the rain Letting the rain pour all over me, not having to worry about how I look because I AM on my way home after all and most of all not having to carry an umbrella (which even when you do sometimes makes no difference when the rain is coming down diagonally and you get drenched anyway!). I find it oddly relaxing. … Continue reading Things that I love that most people hate

tarte shape tape concealer

Hi Guys! To my fellow guys and gals who have dark circles under their eyes, how good is it when you find an awesome concealer to cover up those pesky dark circles?! For me, it’s a moment. The application, followed by the shade and consistency analysis. And ultimately, it’s ability to conceal! To conceal and keep concealing all day long! Here’s me joining a party … Continue reading tarte shape tape concealer