The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

My skin became agitated a few months ago and left some acne hot spots on my skin. I managed to clear most of it by stripping down my skincare (read about it here) but there were some stubborn blemishes and pigmentation that needed extra attention.

So, I dug out my Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop which I hadn’t used in a while but I knew I needed it on my blemishes and inflammation.

Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

This oil costs £8.50 for a 10ml bottle (£12 for 20ml) and you only need a couple drops of the oil on each cheek to cover the blemishes. It absorbs into the skin wonderfully and doesn’t leave any excessive oily residue on the skin.

I usually apply this in the evenings on clean skin by patting it over the target area with my finger and let it work it’s magic overnight.

Within one week I noticed that the inflammation on my skin was starting to go down and my skin was looking clearer and feeling smoother.

I even used it on a new growing pimple and the very next day the pimple had already started going down (it usually takes closer to a week and a half to fully emerge and start to clear!)

I really love this tea tree oil as it doesn’t impact my skin in a negative way at all, there literally is no reaction to it at all other than it clearing my skin. Some skincare can sometimes leave my skin feeling dry.

It’s affordable, great value for money and very effective. I love it!

Buy yours here.

Let me know if you suffer from acne prone skin like me and what you use to help clear it.

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