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If there’s one thing I cannot resist, it’s pizza. I always make room for pizza in my belly. But takeout pizza can be costly and the effort to make pizza from scratch (making the dough) is also timing consuming. So I’ve found a way to satisfy my pizza craves without the extra cost or time.

This probably won’t work for you if pizza for you is all about the dough, but if you, like me, are there for the cheese and toppings keep on reading!

Simply, it’s a pizza on bread (toast).

I start by spreading some tomato ketchup on a slice of bread. To add extra taste to the base I lightly salt it and sprinkle some garlic granules over the ketchup. You can also use onion granules if you wish, but I usually have fresh onions in the toppings so don’t use onion granules on the base.

That’s the base done.

Next up toppings.

Pizza toppings
Pizza toppings

You can have your fun here and use whichever toppings tickle your fancy. I’m vegetarian and I like to use mushrooms, onions, cherry tomatoes, chilli, some spring onions and sweetcorn which I let completely drain of excess water so the bread doesn’t become soggy.

I top it all with cheddar cheese and pop the bread pizzas in the oven until the cheese is lightly golden.

And here we have it.

Pizza bread

Pizza made on bread and fulfills the craving in no more than 30mins.

Delicious and so easy!

I’m no stranger to making pizza, check out my Adult Pizza Making Class – Pizza Express post!

Let me know if you have any food hacks or cheats to make your cooking or food prep easier and quicker!

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