Monthly round up – April 2020

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Here’s a quick monthly round up of my thoughts, feelings and favourites all wrapped up into one post!

Strange times

Well it’s been a weird month hasn’t it? What have I learnt? Isolation is not for me! I miss being able to go out, to restaurants, shopping, the gym, even work! If social distancing has taught me anything it’s that we take the most simple things for granted. Initially, being able to work from home everyday and not have to travel to work was great but the novelty of that has long since worn off! Human interaction is important. Being able to do and go places as you wish is important.

Well-being is also important. The first couple of weeks of social distancing I basically became a social media fanatic and watched endless videos on YouTube and become a Netflix junkie… and there’s nothing wrong with that, there’s some great channels and shows out there. But, I soon realised I need some absolute down time and I have been doing a bit of yoga and reading to calm me. Let me know in the comments how you’ve been spending your time and what you recommend from a well-being perspective as this is something that is really important and I always love hearing from others on this topic and finding inspiration!

The Future

I can’t help but wonder if the current situation will change the way in which we work in the future. Even with today’s technology there are still companies and managers out there who don’t believe in the working from home culture and insist on their workforce being present in the office. Now, some jobs require employees to be physically in their place of work but others don’t. Could this pandemic have been the best work from home experiment we could have asked for? Will some businesses now rethink how they operate and the associated cost saves that could come with that? If you have 100 employees, renting a space for 100 desks because you want everyone in the office is far more expensive than renting space for 60 desks and allowing 40 employees to work from home each day. Could we see a cultural shift in the way we work, which in turn will allow a more flexible way of working and benefit employees (especially those with children or carer responsibilities). Happier team = more engaged team surely?

Above all, I sincerely hope there’s a new found appreciation for front line key workers who have kept our country going. Clapping for them is great and all, but it doesn’t pay their bills.

The Blog

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My favourite product

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