My favourite Apps to get me through social distancing

We’re not allowed to go out and socialise so here are some of my favourite Apps to help me get through social distancing –

Social Media

Twitter – I’m loving people’s creativity being shared on Twitter and funny quotes during this time of unrest. Of course, there’s also negativity but nothing the mute button can’t fix!

Instagram – Like Twitter another place to see people’s creativity. I’m also really enjoying singers putting on live concerts from their homes in their stories – iamjojo is a current favourite, how does she sing that that!?

Facebook – this is where I get to see what all my friends are up to – although they’re not doing as much right now! – but still great to keep in contact!

Pinterest – hours of fun! Scroll, scroll, scroll. Nail designs. Eye shadows. Food and baking recipes!

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Candy Crush – yes, still a favourite!

Cooking Craze – an animated game where you create fast food plates to serve customers. That doesn’t justify how good the game is but trust me it’s soo addictive!

Sudoku – keep the mind sharp!

Paint By Number – very relaxing!



YouTube – I’ve been binge watching YouTube and also just have it on in the background while I work for some noise. I like True Geordie podcasts (he might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I like him!), JaackMaate and his Happy Hour Podcast (similar to True Geordie in the love or hate stakes!), KK and Baby J (super cute family from Florida), RachhLovesLife (lighthearted, quirky and fun). I also look up yoga videos to follow to keep my body (my back in particular) in shape and well stretched.

Spotify – I’ve mentioned them before and I’m going to again…. I love The Receipts podcast (fun, outspoken London girls) they make me laugh out loud which is exactly what I need when cooped up at home like this! I’ve recently created a 90’s pop playlist consisting of Britney Spears, N’Sync, Spice Girls, Westlife… amongst others and my inner 10-13 year old is having the time of her life!


WhatsApp – A great way to keep in contact with friends and family and you can have video calls easily too.

Let me know how you’re finding social distancing and what you’re doing to keep busy! Leave a comment in the comment section below and don’t forget to like this post and follow me on my socials for more from me.

Lina x

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