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I’ve posted very little about me on this blog so I thought I’d share some information about me.

My earliest memory is of being in my cot during very strong winds and seeing the tree outside our house swishing back and forth. My mum is close by (although I don’t remember seeing her) and she’s talking to someone about my Dad as he wasn’t at home (he used to work night shifts). She’s either trying to get hold of him to check he’s OK.. or if he’s going to come home while the wind is still strong. She says there’s no way I can remember that but I remember that swishing tree so well!

I also remember my best friend in nursery – her name was Sarah. We’d play together during breaks and for some reason we weren’t the nicest to another girl. We’d play hide and seek and because the play area was quite big we’d say we weren’t allow to hide in certain areas, but then Sarah and I would always hide in the areas we’d all agreeded not to hide in!

My first memory of Primary school is walking into my classroom on my first day. There was one another child sat reading a book in the carpet area. I can’t remember which book I picked to read. Years later, that other child and I bumped into each other, having not seen each other in 5 or 6 years, and recalled that we were the first 2 to arrive into class on Day 1!

I was a bit of a tomboy in Primary school. My first best friends were 3 boys and we’d play football.

I went to a predominantly white school and used to feel a little insecure that I had a second language and ate different foods to them. My Mum used to pack Chilli and Lemon crisps into my packed lunch which… lets just say… stood out. If you know you know!

I used to really love school dinners in Primary school! I only got these for 1 year – maybe it was a free year or my parents actually paid for them for 1 year (otherwise I’d always have a homemade packed lunch). The school dinners weren’t healthy – chips (fries), a quiche type thing where I’d only eat the cheese from the top (the dinner ladies would always tell me off for not eating the whole thing!) and a cake for dessert!

My Primary school was split – infants, lower junior and upper junior – and the school dinners was served in the juniors building so I used to volunteer to take the infants back to their building after they’d had their lunch.

I once got a merit (a call-out in assembly and a sticker) for being the only person in my Year with a full attendance for the entire year.

I was in my Year 6 Netball team – Goal Defence.

In Year 6 my friends and I rallied together and started a petition so the girls could wear trousers during Autumn and Winter instead of skirts. It worked and to this day the girls are allowed to wear trousers if they wish! Girl Power!

In Year 6, myself and 2 friends started making and selling bracelets – we made the bracelets out of different coloured thread and sold them for (I think) 5p.

Year 6 was a good year!

I actually enjoyed High School. I wasn’t popular but wasn’t unpopular either – I was kind of in that middle area of popularity and not (if that makes sense?!).

There’s only one High School friend that I’m still in touch with.

Sixth Form was dull – I literally just wanted to get it done with. I studied Psychology, Media Studies and English. I did Textiles in my first year but dropped that in my second year because I didn’t like it.

I studied Psychology in University. I didn’t give it my all back then (distracted by a boy!). I would love to study it again… but the fees and time will never allow that in my life today. I still have my old textbooks and enjoy flicking through them sometimes!

I had my belly button pierced for my 19th birthday and a week later got 2 tattoos!

I graduated in 2008 and even though the Financial Crisis was fresh I managed to get myself a permanent job quickly. I started off as a temp in an office – it was for 6 weeks, and then they extended it by another 6 weeks before offering it to me on a permanent contract. I later found out that some of the Leadership Team had encouraged the Director to create the job for me permanently!

I once worked 7 days a week for 6 weeks straight. I had a weekend job in retail and worked in an office Monday-Friday as a temp. I was also learning to drive at the same time!

I didn’t apply for a University loan. I was in the final year that only had to pay just over £1000 a year. I used the money I made from temporary office work to pay off each year in advance and therefore managed to graduate with no Uni debt. I couldn’t afford today’s fees.

It annoys me when people say I’ve been lucky with my job opportunities – NO, I just work hard (my work ethic comes from my Dad). I graduated with a lot of office experience due to my office temp work during Uni breaks and also had sales experience so I knew how to communicate with customers and make a sale.

My best job was one that I thought I had no business applying for, but the HR person who supported the area I worked in recommended I go for it and so I applied for the job and got it. I worked for the Group CEO for a Global Company and to this day learnt the most in that role. That felt like a crazy position for little old me to be in at 23/24.

My favourite holiday was to New York.

I would love to travel to New Zealand and Australia.

I believe a ghost once shushed me to sleep when I couldn’t sleep during a hot summers night. I posted about it here

I’ve got a really weird feeling that I’m going to have twins one day! I dreamt about having twins years ago and still have a really strong feeling that I will!

I have a recurring dream about High School. In my 2nd or 3rd Year the Headteacher decided to bring in a new timetable schedule where we had 2 different timetables – Week 1 and Week 2. It was supposed to stop us from getting bored of the same routine every week… or something like that! Anyway, I often dream that I’m back in High School and I’ve lost both my timetable sheets and have no idea which week we’re in. So I have to guess if we’re in Week 1 or Week 2 and which class I’m supposed to be in. I always somehow guess correctly and it’s always either English class or Science class! Feel free to leave your dream analysis on that in the comments below!

I love conspiracy stories and I question everything!

I believe the robots will one day turn on humans and kill us……

….My favourite movie is Terminator 2 – Judgement Day. Those pesky robots WILL come after us!

I wanted to be a writer when I was younger. Psychological thrillers would have been my genre. I would still love to do that – I just need to work on my writing discipline!

I find managing this blog really therapeutic. I know it’s not the best blog out there and I’m not the most consistent with uploads but it’s my little baby and it gives me a thrill.

I was a real book worm when I was younger. I loved Goosebumps, the Sweet Valley books. and Point Horrors.

My all time favorite book is The Shining. Loved the movie too.

My all time favorite book series is the Harry Potter books. Not as keen on the movies!

My biggest life lesson is that my gut instinct is pretty strong and often correct – I’ve stopped questioning myself.

If you break my trust I won’t talk about you behind your back – you just become a nobody to me and you will stay that way for eternity.

Yep, I can hold a grudge!

Let me know if you want to know more about me or any of the above!

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Lina x

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