dermalogica daily microfoliant

SKINCARE: dermalogica daily microfoliant

The beauty and skincare world is full to the brim of various products to improve your beauty and skincare regime. It’s not very often I find a skincare product that works and improves my skin quickly, usually I have to use the product for a good month before I start to see results.

When I started using the dermalogica daily microfoliant I was thrilled when my skin started looking brighter and healthier after just a few uses.

This rice based powder claims to remove dulling surface debris and even the skin tone, revealing brighter and smoother skin. Does it do as it says on the can? Simply, yes.

Skincare - dermalogica daily microfoliant
dermalogica daily microfoliant

My skin definitely feels much softer immediately after using the daily microfoliant and my skin tone is much brighter and radiant looking – exactly what I was looking for in this product.

This exfoliator is light and gentle enough for daily use and for the first 3 days I did use it daily, but at £51.00 for 75g I decided I needed to use it a bit more sparingly and have reduced my usage to every other day…and may even bring that down to just when I feel I need it as the results are quick.

The way to use the product is to pour about half a tea spoon amount of the microfoliant powder onto wet hands and rub your hands together to create a paste, and gently rub it over your face avoiding the eye area. I like to really take my time here and massage it into my skin, almost like I’m giving myself a facial and then rinse it off.

Overall, I really like this product a lot. My only small critique is the packaging – it comes in a screw top lid, which is a bit of a nuisance when you have to pour the product onto wet hands; a flip up top would make it easier and more convenient to handle.

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