Ropch Bag Organiser

Ropch Bag Organiser

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Hi Guys!

My bag is filled with endless bits and bobs which often get lost at the bottom of my bag. Not all bags have the pockets and slits that I need for my possessions, so a bag organiser was much needed!

I purchased the Ropch Bag Organiser from Amazon and I absolutely love it!

This handy organiser comes in a variety of colours – I went with red as it is a bright colour and I can see everything in my bag in it. It also comes in 3 different sizes, so you will need to take the measurements of your bag and match it up to the bag organiser.

The organisers are designed to fit in the LV Speedy bags – I don’t have one but there’s no reason you can’t use in your non-LV bag. The medium size fits in my Ted Baker bag perfectly.

Ropch Bag Organiser
Ropch Bag Organiser

The organiser has 13 compartments including the middle zipper compartment which is detachable – so plenty of space to store your items in an orderly fashion!

It also has a very handy key chain so you can unlock doors without detaching your keys from the organiser and minimise the risk of accidentally dropping your keys and losing them.

Ropch Bag Organiser
Ropch Bag Organiser

With everything stored neatly in the organiser it means it’s also easier to switch bags, you can simply just lift the entire organiser out of your bag and put it into another instead of taking each item out one by one.

One of my favourite things about this organiser is that it’s sturdy enough to hold up my bags that would usually slouch (which was another reason I had a hard time finding things in it!) – but with the organiser in the bag it keeps it’s shape and stays upright.

Ropch Bag Organiser
Ropch Bag Organiser

The material of the organiser is felt, it’s very lightweight and also protects the inside of your bag from spills or dirt.

It’s so practical and a true life changer!

To purchase yours click here – Ropch Bag Organiser 

At GPB 11.99 and next day delivery with Amazon Prime you cannot go wrong!

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