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Hi Guys!

I wanted to share with you some beauty hacks which I really find help my routine and make a difference to my skincare regime.

  1. I hate when I’m cleansing my face in the evenings and the water runs down my arms to my elbows. A simple solution is to wear sweatbands a little further up from your wrists – the sweatbands then collect and absorb the water, so you don’t have wet arms and elbows (and floors!). You can buy cheap sweatbands from Amazon – Sweatbands 
  2. If you get back or shoulder acne, it may be because you are leaving shampoo/conditioner residue on your back/shoulders when showering. Wash your hair first, then apply conditioner and wash that away before you clean your body. I know a lot of people like to let their conditioner sit while they wash the rest of the body – and I do too – but if that’s your preference really make sure you wash away the conditioner that may have settled onto your back and shoulders; don’t just rinse your hair of the conditioner and assume you’re done, your back and shoulders will need to be cleaned of the conditioner that transferred from your hair.
  3. Less is more – don’t overuse your skincare products or apply too many different products, your skin can go mad in reaction! Pay attention to the ingredients in your products, especially active ingredients in the various products you are applying which could react with each other and cause irritation to your skin. If you are switching up your products, try a small amount first so your skin can get used to the product. Different skin types react differently to different products. Get to know your skin and the ingredients you are putting on it.
  4. Wash your sheets/pillow cases regularly – any bacteria that you didn’t get off your face is transferring onto your sheets and you then put your face back down on to those sheets and bacteria!
  5. Let your skin breathe sometimes! Makeup clogs up your pores and it’s so easy to transfer bacteria from unwashed brushes/sponges onto your face. Try to have a makeup free day from time to time. I wear a lot less foundation than I used to and often go without foundation and just apply concealer and my skin looks so much better naturally now.
  6. Double cleanse your skin in the evenings. Cleanse, wash off, cleanse AGAIN. Really make sure you’ve gotten rid of any makeup, SPF or product from your skin.


Those are my top tips, let me know in the comments below if you have any awesome beauty or skincare hacks – sharing is caring!

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