Things that I love that most people hate

Walking home in the rain

Letting the rain pour all over me, not having to worry about how I look because I AM on my way home after all and most of all not having to carry an umbrella (which even when you do sometimes makes no difference when the rain is coming down diagonally and you get drenched anyway!). I find it oddly relaxing.

The sound of children chattering, screaming, crying….

I used to live near a primary school (the same one I went to when I was a child) and could hear the children when they were on their playtime break. It reminds me of a simpler time and the sort of play that knows no boundaries.

I love children anyway – I wanted to be a teacher at one point in my life – I love their innocence and how they are more straight talking than most adults! Most people try to sush children when they are making too much noise, but I firmly believe we should encourage children to speak up, ask questions and just in general chitter chatter as they please as it’s all a part of growing up. They are learning new words and new ways to interact with other people (children and adults) it’s when they are children they are learning the core communication skills they’ll need all throughout life. Let them learn essential skills.


This will sound bizzare to some people, I know. I’m not talking full on hair falling out kind of stress, just that heart beating exciting kind of stress. I find I work at my best when I have a level of stress on me – it gives me the ‘push’ I need sometimes to get things done and then the feeling of accomplishment when you’ve successfully completed a task or overcome an obstacle feels very satisfying!

Constant Noise

I like background noise. Right now as I type this there’s a YouTube video playing. I don’t like complete silence., if anything that is more distracting than noise to me.


I’m an ‘organised mess’ kind of girl. I like being able to see everything. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a limit to the mess I can handle, but generally I keep things left out more than tucked away in a cupboard which I know would drive a lot of people crazy!

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