Things that I’ve been loving

Hi Guys!

I love discovering new things and below are just some new things that I’ve been loving recently!

The Receipts Podcast – 3 girls. Lots of unfiltered talk about sex, relationships and anything else they think of. LOTS of laughs! This is a podcast which literally makes me laugh out loud; while I’m on the train, walking down the road or at home… no matter where I’m listening to The Receipts Podcast I’m either laughing or at least smiling (and it makes people look at me funny!). You can listen to this podcast on Spotify and it will not disappoint!

Running – As in properly – on the street. Actual tarmac. A treadmill is great, especially when the weather is bad, but nothing beats going for a proper run outdoors. We’ve had a good summer in the UK and I’ve taken to running outdoors and absolutely love it.. it’s very liberating, as is……

Bike riding – I got myself a bike recently and love to take it out for a ride. The last time I’d ridden a bike I was a child and it was a second hand bike which had belonged to my sister and then my brother before me. The chain used to fall off it all the time so my biking riding pleasure wasn’t satisfied! But now I have my own bike and I love it!

Going Foundation-less! – My sister got me into makeup and over the years I’ve taken it to a love of playing with makeup. I love discovering new products but recently found that I also like have limited makeup on. So I’ve been wearing concealer around my eyes, eyeliner, mascara and a little blush and I love the more natural look without foundation! It makes taking off the makeup at the end of the day a lot easier too!

I got hot sauce in my handbag … – I love spice. Simple. It’s actually not in my handbag but in my cabinet at work. Sometimes I’ll buy something for lunch and it will be a little too bland for me, so out comes my bottle of Tabasco sauce (and every time it does I sing Beyoncé ‘I got hot sauce in my handbag…’). It’s a game changer and spiced up a few bland lunches; LITERALLY!

I’m sure there’s more but these are my top favourites right now that make me happy.

Let me know in the comments below what you’re loving! And don’t forget to follow my blog and check out my other socials and follow me there too!

Lina x

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