QuiFit water bottle

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We all know drinking water is good for you. Good for your skin, good for your health. But some of us just don’t drink enough of it either because you find it bland or simply can’t drink enough (or forget!) the daily amount of water, which is quite a lot!

I personally don’t mind water and definitely feel the positive effects of it when I make the effort to drink the right amount of it. For me I just forget to keep drinking or forget to refill my water bottle. The answer for me was to get a QuiFit water bottle from Amazon.

This is a 2 litre bottle which has a timeline down the side of the bottle to help you reach your water intake over the course of the day. There is a timestamp printed down the side of the bottle, so as long as you can keep up with that you can be sure you drink your water!

So simple but yet so smart!

I also love that it’s BPA free and comes in a variety of colours!

If it’s a taste issue, try putting a slice of lemon into the bottle. Cucumber is also good to make it a bit more refreshing!

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