BlueSky Gel polish

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If there’s one thing that makes me feel incredibly good about myself it’s having great nails! There’s just something about having them well shaped and perfectly polished.

When I was younger I would buy every shade of polish under the sun and re-paint my nails every week as they chipped. These days with gel polishes etc you can go a whopping 2 weeks without having to think about your nails chipping – in fact your nails growing out the polish is the biggest issue (rather than chipped nails!)

It’s great times for those of us that love having great nails!

Many of us probably have our favourite nail salon where we get our nails done (and may even have your favourite, most trusted nail technician!). And that’s great, but the cost of getting your nails done professionally sends shivers down my spine (just add up how much you are spending yearly). I need to protect my coins and I simply can’t justify spending money on a luxury like getting my nails done, especially when I know I could do them myself!

But IS it possible to be able to do your own nails and have great results like salon done nails?


I introduce to you BlueSky Gel polish

BlueSky Gel Polish
BlueSky Gel polish

You need the primer, base coat, your chosen colour and a top coat. You can also use their lamp and cleanser wipes but to be honest you can use any brand for that.

The rest is on you – a steady hand and the patience to file/shape and push back your own cuticles. Some people would probably find that frustrating but for me it forms part of a Sunday night self pamper session!

I find BlueSky Gel polish’s so easy to use, they stay on for 2 weeks and I only remove them when my nails are growing out. And YES, I can take them off myself with the remover!

As you can see I’ve brought myself a fair few colours from the wide range…..! and intend on buying many more!

BlueSky Gel Polish
BlueSky Gel polish

BlueSky have a variety of colours – from pastels, to bold popping colours, to glittery polish’s. I love scrolling through the shade range and deciding what my next nail style will be!

One of my favourite styles to create is a solid colour on all fingers except my ring finger where I like to use BlueSky’s glitter polish. I’ve been rocking black and gold recently and I love it!

BlueSky Gel polish
BlueSky Gel polish
It’s so great knowing that I can create great nails at home, whenever I like without the additional cost. The polish’s are mine (once I’ve brought them!) and I can jazz up my nails at my own convenience and very quickly.
Have you tried BlueSky gel polish’s? What did you think of them? Leave a comment below or feel free to ask any further questions about them below!
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