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As most of you will know the Fenty Beauty line by Rihanna rocked the beauty world quite considerably when it was launched and has continued to grow and impress ever since.

Foundation shades that go on forever, highlighters that can probably be seen from miles away, THAT Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife – do you dare try? (for me the answer was yes and I absolutely love it!). And now we have concealers, eyeshadows and lips paints all in the simple and elegant packaging and all reasonably priced (impressive given the huge name behind the brand and that we probably would have paid more because of that).

Makeup for everyone of all tones is the key message that I get from this brand and they deliver with the huge range in shades of the foundation and concealers. Daring with bold colours and highlighters that pop. This is what beauty dreams are made of!

For me, my Indian brown skin has always proved a struggle to find the right foundation shade for. So when I saw the range when Fenty Beauty first launched I knew I had to give it a go. I brought myself the foundation in shade 310 and the primer which I’d heard many beauty YouTuber’s rave about.

I was slightly tanned at the time and the foundation in 310 seemed like the perfect match when I first applied it. I was really very impressed at how close the shade was to my skin tone. I also really like the subtle fragrance of the foundation (which is also in the primer)- it’s a lovely clean vanilla smell. The finish of the foundation is beautiful and feels nice and light on the skin… like wearing makeup that’s so light it kind of just feels like skin! I go quite light and easy with my foundation but I have tried building on what I would normally wear and it’s definitely buildable and will achieve a high coverage if that’s what you want.

The foundation is near enough perfect and easily one of my favourite foundations. The only critique – which is a fairly big one, though, is that is does oxidise quite quickly – so what was initially the perfect match was darker a mere 30 minutes later. Luckily the next shade down 300 is better for me, in fact I might even try out the next shade down from 300 just to compare but 300 is pretty much perfect (although I would like to see if they can do anything about the oxidising! Not sure if that’s possible!?)

The pro filt’r primer, is lovely. It smells wonderful, has a great lightweight, dewy feel to it and feels very moisturising too. It preps the skin well and creates a good base for the makeup. So in conclusion – it does it’s job! 

So far this line was a thumbs up from me in terms of products that I wear every day – the primer and foundation.

I also, brought two highlighters which as we all know have the pigment of all pigments – the slightest touch on the highlighter palette will give you eye-watering highlight that could last for days! If you’re anything like me and love a popping highlighter, Fenty Beauty’s highlighters are an absolute must!

The only thing that was missing was a concealer. Alas, our thoughts were heard and the concealers dropped along with a whole range of different products within Fenty’s already impressive line. I’d heard online that the concealer shades were matched to your foundation shade. So I brought the concealer in shade 300. Now to be clear, the concealer is a lighter shade than the foundation – you don’t want your entire face to be one tone – so the concealer is a lighter, more brighter shade which should compliment your foundation. I personally think the concealer shade 300 is a little too light for me, so I use another concealer to conceal and use the Fenty Beauty concealer in small dabs to give a brightening effect, almost like a highlighter.

The texture of the concealer is creamy and gives me the same vibes as the Nars radiant creamy concealer – which is a favourite of mine. The coverage is pretty awesome, so I’ll definitely be repurchasing but in a darker shade.

Fenty Beauty
Fenty Beauty

Overall, the products that I’ve brought from the Fenty Beauty line have been majorly impressive. Is the whole range perfect? No – a foundation that oxidises will never win over the buyer, but when you have as many shades as Fenty Beauty, dropping down a shade is a possibility. Likewise with going up a shade with the concealers if you, like me, find the corresponding shade to your foundation too light.

There are products within it that I absolutely cannot fault – the highlighters. I use my Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo almost everyday, it’s simply a go-to and still pops and shines even at the end of a long day. Trophy Wife is a daring highlighter and simply out of this world. I wouldn’t wear it for day to day…no, this one needs be reserved for the right occasion! I bring this out for special occasions – those moments where I’m glammed up and this highlighter makes me feels like I’ve transformed into a Goddess! Any makeup that makes you feel badass is a major plus! And what I love about Trophy Wife is that you can use it as an eyeshadow or just in the inner corners of your eyes for that extra sparkle.

The makeup tools are also great. I have the foundation brush, highlighter brush and the precision concealer brush. The angle of the highlighter brush which brushes the curves of the face is brilliant. The foundation brush applies the foundation easily without leaving any brush lines and the precision concealer brush is so soft that applying concealer around the eyes with it almost feels like you’re using your fingers – it’s curved and angled just right so you can easily get into the inner corners of the eye and around the nose.

Fenty Beauty rocked the beauty world and sent social media into a frenzy and rightfully so as the range, from what I’ve tried, is superb.

Let me know in the comments what you think of Fenty Beauty. Do you have a favorite product from the growing range? What else would you like to see from it in the future?


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