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Finding the right bag is like finding gold for me. I’m very particular about the compartments I need – somewhere to put things that are easy to get to, somewhere that is harder to get to for things like my keys and bank card (you ain’t getting to me pick-pockets-in-crowded-places!), a bag that isn’t flimsy (I don’t want to have to fight with my own bag!), stylish etc..

But it’s hard to find the right bag that meets the criteria and is still stylish and good quality without breaking the bank account.

So you can imagine my delight when I found a bag that I absolutely LOVE and the best thing of all – it costs just £8! 

Hello Primark and here’s why I love you! 

Black Primark bag
Black Primark bag

This is a super slick black bag with a gold detailing zipper and buckle. It’s a decent quality faux leather (and by that I mean it doesn’t look plastic) and the front is a faux suede-like material – my bag has been rained on and it’s still black; it hasn’t faded to grey.

It’s got four different compartments, the top one (using the image below) is a zipped up pocket, the second one down is an open compartment which has a strap that goes over the middle and has a magnetic pop closer, the third one down is another zipped pocket and the one at the very bottom is an open ‘slip in’ pocket – the kind of pocket you’d slip your receipts into, no real width just somewhere to put flat items into (you know what I mean, right?!)

Black Primark bag
Black Primark bag

It has an adjustable strap so you can wear it across the body, long down your side or shorter and have it closer to an underarm shoulder bag. 

And the ultimate must (otherwise I won’t buy it!) is that it’s sturdy enough to stand up on it’s own – I really dislike flimsy bags that sag down when you’re trying to find something in the bag, or the zipper that flops around when you’re trying to open it. Sturdy bags all the way!

Black Primark bag
Black Primark bag

This little gem from Primark ticks all the boxes for me and at only £8, if they release it in multiple colours you can rest assured I’ll be the first in line buying more of this bag! 

It think it would be lovely in a burgundy and deep turquoise green (perfect for the Autumn). A mustard yellow would also look beautiful (I’m really into mustard yellows right now!) and that would be great for the summer. 

Lina x

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