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I brought the FOREO LUNA mini recently and have used it nearly everyday since buying it and I’m so impressed with it already that I’m going to do my review of it much earlier than I thought I would!

It costs £119, which felt a little steep when I brought it but I want to help my skin and focus on my skincare so I made the purchase and hoped for the best!

There’s a good selection of colours to choose from, I went for the baby pink one as it looks cute.


It’s made of silicone and is easy to clean and hygienic – it’s waterproof so you can run it under the tap. It’s super soft and doesn’t scratch the skin as some other cleansers can do, so I think if you have sensitive skin you might get along with the LUNA Mini quite well.

It cleanses surprising deeply given how soft it feels on the skin. It leaves the skin feeling completely clean and refreshed. 

It pulsates so you know when you move onto a different part of your face and the vibration of it feels like it’s massaging your face at the same time. You can lower and increase the intensity of that as you wish.

It’s a chargeable device and the charge lasts a long while too (up to 5 months).

It’s a good sized little gadget, fitting perfectly in the palm of the hand, it covers a good amount of skin area but isn’t so big that you can’t get into the curves on your face, around the nose area for example. The design and curved areas of the device are brilliant and well thought out. 

Since using the LUNA Mini I’ve noticed some of the bumps and spots that I typically get on my cheeks have started going down (not completely vanished but definitely less visible than when I first brought this). My skin definitely feels a lot cleaner and softer after using this, so I’m definitely pleased with this little gadget by FOREO so far! 

There’s various models from FOREO so some cheaper alternatives are available too. 

Do you have a FOREO LUNA mini (or one of their other products)? Let me know in the comments below what your verdict is!


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