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If you read my last post Life Update – August you will know that I’m looking to buy a property in London, which is VERY pricey!

So, I’ve made a few simple changes start saving money and thought I’d share my tips on how to save money with you guys!


I looked at all the memberships that I have and determined whether or not I actually need them/gain from them and actually cancelled 3 different memberships that I pay monthly for. While I was reviewing these and deciding which ones to cancel I thought it would be difficult and change a part of my life but they really haven’t. How often do you think about your monthly memberships/subscriptions, when you add them all up it costs a lot per year! I was tempted to cancel my gym membership as I’ve been bad at going, but decided against that as I really want to start going again – and that has health benefits.


At work, I’ll take a break and often buy myself a tea (or a chai tea latte, yum!), or a packet of crisps, a lemon cake etc. I calculated how much this was costing per month and nearly fell off my chair! At the time of making these purchases it feels like it just a few pounds here or there but it adds up massively and if you times that by twelve for the year – it’s far more money than I care to admit to! Not to mention not healthy. So I’ve ditched buying teas and instead just drink water from the office water dispenser. I’ve also brought myself a reusable cup from Waitrose and occasionally just get hot water re-fills from the office coffee bar (which doesn’t cost anything) and put my own teabag and milk in it, which I keep at my desk and office fridge – buying your own box teabags is far cheaper than buying individual teas! I’ve also cut back on the snacks (the vending machine and me are no-more!) – but if you do want a snack to get you through the day, buy a multi-pack from the supermarket – you get more for your money and they often have offers resulting in an even bigger save and you can just keep the multi-pack in your locker or at your desk cabinet.

On a similar train, I’ve also stopped buying lunches and instead make my own lunch and take it to work. A sandwich, snack and drink can easily hit £5, some stores have meals deals but that’s still more expensive than buying a loaf of bread and putting your own fillings in (total ingredients will last you a week). You also get exactly what you want rather than the only options available in the pre-made sandwiches. I sometimes also make an extra portion for my dinner and take the leftovers to work and heat it up in the microwave.

Tip – I also love using the mySupermaket app for groceries and essentials which compares prices in some of the UK’s biggest supermarkets so you know where to get the best deals and when!


Have a clear out and sell some things you don’t use or need. There are so many apps and online ways of selling to make this easy for you and is a great way to have a clear out and make some money at the same time.


If you live on the edge of a zone (London travel talk) walk those extra few minutes to the next zone and catch the train to your location from there – it will be cheaper, just as long as it’s a safe walk and easy enough to do! If you’re planning on taking a longer journey, it will be cheaper to buy the tickets ahead of time rather than on the day of travel. Shop around – find the cheapest time of day/route.


I’ve been following these really simple steps over the past month and a half and I’m pleasantly surprised with how much I’ve saved and how easy it was to make these changes!

Spending money is so easy these days. but so can saving be easy.

Do you have any tips to help save the £’s? Leave a comment below!


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