Do you believe in ghosts/spirits? Here’s my story…

Hi Guys!

I got a little spooked a few nights ago when I couldn’t sleep and for some reason it reminded me of a night about 2 years ago where I was struggling to sleep during a heatwave. 

I’d taken my PJ’s off and had kicked the duvet off my legs and just had the corner of the top of the duvet over my shoulders and suddenly I heard a ‘shushhhhh’ from by the window, it was like a mother shushing her baby to sleep. I briefly wondered if it was the trees, but in the heatwave there was no wind and the trees are on the other side of the garden so there was no way it could have been the trees. 

I was on my side with my back to the window and was too scared to turn around and see what was making the noise. The last thing I remember about that evening was thinking that if there’s a spirit in my room it’s going to see me semi – naked and so I covered myself with the rest of my duvet and fell asleep. 

I’ve told this story to a few people and we’ve tried thinking of reasonable things it could have been but none make sense or could have happened. It definitely wasn’t the trees (I can’t hear them even when it’s windy because they aren’t close enough to my window). We wondered if it was someone in my house snoring – but then it would have come from the door to hallway and other rooms and not from the window (I have no doubt it was coming from the window because I wanted to turn around and see but was too scared). 

I can only assume there was something in my room shushing me soothingly as I was struggling to sleep that evening. 

I’d never had anything like that happen to me before (and nothing since). 

I’m not sure if I believe in spooky poltergeist-like ghosts but I do believe in spirits whose energy stay around within us, either to stay close to their loved ones or are trying to deal with their own passing. 

I don’t know whose energy it would have been shushing me – it was a soothing ‘it’s OK, go to sleep’ kind of shush – but it worked. 

I have feared though, that maybe something from the ‘other side’ was shushing me to sleep so I could go over to that side (rather than ‘go to sleep for the evening’) – which is a freaky thought! (Maybe, I’ve watched too many spooky movies!)

But like I say, nothing remotely similar has happened since. 

What do you guys think? Do you believe in ghosts/spirits? Have you had any interactions with them? If so, leave me your stories in the comments below (or email me) – I love hearing about things like this and would love to hear your stories!

Well, I just wanted to get that off my mind and share with you!


Until next time…

Lina x

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