The Ex-Wife by Jess Ryder

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I’ve finished reading The Ex-Wife by Jess Ryder and if you’ve enjoyed books like The Girl on the Train, you’ll love The Ex-Wife.

This story is based around Natasha, a very likeable albeit slightly naïve, character who has all but given up her young adult years to be the perfect housewife for her older husband Nick and their toddler daughter Emily. It’s the perfect life. Nick is wildly successful and offers a lovely home and luxurious lifestyle – which Natasha sometimes feels a little uncomfortable in having lived a modest life up until falling in love with him. But other than that all is perfect… almost.

Nick’s ex-wife Jen is still very much in the picture allowing herself into their lives as she pleases. To make things worse Nick’s family hate Natasha and love Jen. To Nick’s family, Natasha broke up a happy marriage. Nick insists she didn’t and he loves her and Emily more than anything and anyone and nothing will change that.

Then one day Natasha finds that Nick hasn’t dropped their Emily to pre-school and all their things from the house have disappeared. Herein begins a frenzied chase to find her daughter. No idea why he’s left with Emily, Natasha will stop at nothing to get her back and even builds an alliance with Jen – but can Natasha trust her? What choice does she have? Is she falling into a trap? Or do they both finally have something in common – a hate for Nick?

Intertwined, with Natasha’s story is another about a lady called Anna who is struggling with her past and on the run from someone (in a ‘then’ and ‘now’ format – bouncing from Natasha to Anna). But who is she? Who is she running from? I couldn’t figure out her story and the who, what, why and when of it all but loved how it all came together at the end!

This story is filled with twists and turns and leaves you guessing with every page. I was hooked from the get-go and knew it was going to be a great read just a few pages in – it certainly didn’t disappoint! 

The Ex-Wife is a fast paced and brilliantly written psychological thriller and well worth a read.

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Let me know your thoughts in the comments section if you’ve read The Ex-Wife and what you thought? Do you have any similar recommendations?

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