Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall

Hi Guys!

If there’s anything that’s going to get me back into writing on my blog it’s good food!

This isn’t a scheduled post but I went to Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall yesterday and loved it so much I had to write about it and share with you all!

Bang Bang Oriental is a huge food hall on Edgware Road, London (near Colindale station) filled with various Asian cuisine vendors including Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean and Thai – It’s Asian food heaven! Best of all, it caters for everyone; whether you have a sweet tooth, want something spicy, halal or vegetarian as well as meat dishes.

My friends and I walked around the entire food hall checking out all the menus and literally wanted something from nearly every stand! Everything looked so delicious and is very well priced for such generous portions!

Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall
Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall


The highlight was definitely this shaved ice dessert topped with delicious sweet strawberries and cream. It took 3 of us to be able to finish this after we were already full from our mains!

Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall

Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall


Sweetened Condensed Milk is poured over the shaved ice; the texture of the ice, the sweetness of the strawberries (plus the cool chill on a hot day!) was divine! I’d definitely recommend this if you ever go to Bang Bang Food Hall. They had around 8 different flavours including watermelon, mango and chocolate.

Look at how good it looks! (I’m craving more as I type this!)

Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall
Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall


Overall, this Food Hall is amazing! It’s a large sized hall with plenty of seating, great food, a bar area and a large screen airing sport and popular television programmes (sound down).

The only downside is that it’s not in Central London. I’d actually never even heard of the place, but my friends recommended going there when we were deciding where to go for dinner. Regardless, it’s still worth the travel even if it’s not local to you!

It’s family friendly if you want to take young kids and great for going out with friends or your partner.

Let me know if you’ve ever been and what you thought. I’d love to know what you ordered and would recommend as I’ll definitely be going back!


Lina x

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