Monthly round up

Hi Guys!

Where has this month gone?! January felt like it dragged on for about 5 years and February has disappeared in the blink of an eye!

It’s been a fun month (albeit slow on the blog front! More on that later!)….

Babies and childbirth

A friend of mine had a baby at the end of last month and I made a visit for cuddles mid February. I wanted to give her some time to be with family, get back home and adjust to home life with a baby before I went to see them. The baby is super cute and was very peaceful. So while he slept, I heard all the horror stories of the birth which has put me off having babies for a while!

It did raise the question, though, as to whether women are told everything they need to know about childbirth prior to giving birth.

We all know that the pregnancy itself can be difficult with hormones raging around your body as you grow a human inside your body. We all know childbirth is painful. But there’s a ton of other stuff especially about the birth and after the birth that I didn’t know about and neither did my friend. Like tearing, stitches, not being able to pee and just how intense the hormonal slide down the week after birth can be.

Well my friend went in to quite a lot of detail when telling me and some of it did come as a shock as she unloaded her experience and feelings (she’s fine now!) One of our other close friend is also pregnant and we pondered the question as to whether Friend Number One should tell Friend Number Two the true reality of childbirth to prepare her, or keep it quiet so not to freak her out so close to her own due date.

What do you guys think? Should we be more open about the reality of childbirth to women?

Also, I’ve always wondered why no one ever asks the new Dad how he is? Yes, he didn’t push a 9lb baby out of his privates but he did watch the woman he loves go through the most astonishing pain and he couldn’t do a single thing about that to help her; that couldn’t have been easy either. So I also pose the question, do new Dad’s get the ‘aftercare’ after birth they need? When the Dad arrived back home I did make a comment about how it couldn’t have been too great for him either and he offered a very gracious ‘oh no, I did nothing, this was all her (Mum).’

What do you guys think? I don’t know how many males read my blog but it would be great to get a males perspective on childbirth?


Long Term Friend

As I’m typing this post, I’m in bed stricken down with a cold/flu. I felt it coming on the day before yesterday but thought I’d be able to fight it off if I tackle it early on. Boy was I wrong! I was in bed all yesterday, my head felt like it weighted a million pounds and I had head pressure all around my ears and forehead. Much of that has subsided today and I’m down to just a cough and sniffles but it did mean I had to cancel on a friend who I haven’t seen in ages 🙁

She’s one of my oldest friends and the type of buddy who I can go without seeing or even talking to for ages but when we reunite we literally pick up from where we left off and chat for hours on end and have the best time! She’s absolutely crazy and out of this world and I love her to pieces, so it was a real shame that I didn’t get to see her. She’s my pizza buddy!


When the camera goes down, so does the blog…

For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, my camera is not working right now – the battery wouldn’t charge so I contacted Olympus who kindly sent me a new battery (the camera is still within warranty) but I had the same problem with that battery too. They then asked me to send the charger itself to the repair team at Olympus, which I did and they’ve had it for over a week now. I’ve followed up for an update and haven’t heard back yet but I hope it gets sorted soon; I miss taking photo’s!

I could blog taking pictures on my phone but the quality is good but not great and I really want to post the best I can for you all!

Have any other Olympus Pen owners had the same problem?


YouTube channel

For those of you who haven’t seen, I’ve launched my YouTube channel. I’m by no means a ‘professional YouTuber'(!) there’s no ring lights for fancy editing but I figured it would be something fun to do. Check it out here – LinaLovesLife YouTube channel and please subscribe while you’re there! 🙂


Beauty – I should have brought this waaaay earlier! What took me so long?!

I’ve finally jumped on the Fenty Beauty bandwagon and my twitter poll wanted a YouTube first review so I’ll do that as soon as my camera is up and running again. Resisting the temptation to open my Fenty goodies is unbearable!

You know how some people have buyer’s regret after buying something they know they shouldn’t have splurged on… well, I’m having the opposite feeling, I didn’t buy the Fenty Beauty Trophy Wife highlighter but now I think I should have done. While it’s a bit too ‘out there’ for everyday wear (for me anyway!), it would look INCREDIBLE with an Indian outfit at a wedding! When you’re shining and dazzling in an Indian outfit your makeup needs to POP too! So I might take this camera-down time to quickly get myself Trophy Wife so I can review that too!



I don’t think I’ve mention my tube crush on here before – he gets on the train at the same station as me. But being the London underground where the trains run every few minutes not many people aim to get on the exact same train every morning so sometimes I see him, other times not. After a fairly long period of not seeing him at all, I’ve seen much more of him recently and I mentioned him to some of my work colleagues over drinks recently who gave me some not-so-useful-alcohol-induced-tipsy advice! So let me ask you, my readers, what would you do if you were me? I certainly don’t have the courage to ask him out! What is the best way to get his attention without a) making a fool of myself, b) won’t lead to serious awkwardness thereafter (should he reject me!)?

Or do I just bite the bullet and deal with the humiliation should that be the case!?

(the horror!)


That’s all for now, I’d love to your know your thoughts and views on some of my questions and of course your advice on my crush (or anything else you want to comment on!) Leave your comments below (or email me direct if your prefer) and if you haven’t already subscribed please do for more of my beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts!


Lina x

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