Driven, by Dane Cobain

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I was recently sent a copy of Dane Cobain’s book Driven and I couldn’t wait to start reading it. A plot line surrounding a suspicious death, a London cop, an old school private detective and a young computer whiz kid; what isn’t there to draw a crime loving reader like me in?!

As I started reading I was hooked instantly, we go right in to the main plot; Donna Thompson’s death. From there we’re introduced to the main characters who are all unique and likeable in their own way.

There’s James Leipfold, the private detective trying to make ends meet with his less than booming business. But he has an inner passion for solving challenges from suspicious deaths to crossword puzzles and nothing will stop him from getting answers.

Crossword puzzles are the commonality between him and his assistant-to-be, Maile O’Hara, a computer whizz kid who can hack her way into anything online and has the youth and technical knowledge her boss lacks (and needs for this particular case). An unlikely duo but their characters work really well together.

Then there’s Detective Inspector Jack Cholmondeley and old pal of Leipfold’s and a damned good cop. With Leipfold’s rocky past they can’t be commonly known to be each others alliances but they do have shared interests and want the same justice to want and respect each other enough to work together.

Driven, Dane Cobain
Driven, Dane Cobain

In this very well written book there are many suspects and links to keep you as the reader guessing all throughout – as any good crime/mystery book should have! I genuinely had no idea who to suspect and it was a great ending to an exciting book filled with twists and turns.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading Driven from start to finish. Very well written, a great plot, fantastic characters and a story that is told at a good pace (there were no parts where I drifted off or wished that things would move along). I definitely recommend having a read of this if you’re in to crime/mystery/suspense books.

The book is available on Amazon in both Kindle Edition and paperback (links below).

Driven, by Dane Cobain – Kindle Edition

Driven, by Dane Cobain – Paperback

I hope you enjoyed the review, if you’ve read the book let me know in the comments what you thought!


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