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Happy New Year!!

Now, I’m not one to usually make New Years’ resolutions but this year I wanted to list out a few things that I will try to do more (and less) of in the New Year. Some of these things are ‘typical’ New Years’ resolutions and others are more personal to me to make me happier –

  1. Lets get the ‘typical’ one out of the way first – I need to get to the gym! I haven’t been to the gym in about 3-4 months. The last bit of exercise I did was a 10K run back in October and that was more of a struggle than it should have been as I hadn’t trained or worked out leading up to it (but is something that I’d usually be OK with even without training). So I really want to get in to the routine of going to the gym at least twice a week. Other than it being a heathy living choice to maintain my body fitness it also makes me feel better and more energised.
  2. I love writing on this blog, but don’t blog often enough which I want to change. It can be difficult trying to fit it in around a full time job but is satisfying enough for me to want to keep doing this. So, in the New Year I’m going to aim to upload a post at least once a week (if not twice a week).
  3. I’ve also recently started a YouTube channel, which I want to work on developing and growing. I find the concept of posting snippets of your life for the internet fascinating and I love watching other YouTubers (even if it’s just background noise) and what an amazing way to diarise your life! I really wish I’d started sooner, to capture some of my younger years, but it’s never too late to be creative!
  4. Finally, I really want to find a balance in life whereby I can work and still live life and have fun! So I want to create a good and healthy work/life balance in the New Year making the time for my hobbies (like this blog) and friends and family.

These are quite basic things for me to work on in the New Year (no sky jumps!) but ones I know will make a difference to me and make me happier. Like I said at the beginning of this post I’m not someone who makes New Years’ resolutions every year but I wanted to do it this year just so I have aspirations and positive things to work on and be focused on. Hopefully in 12 months time I’ll have achieved these (especially number 4!).

Let me know what resolutions you have for the New Year in the comments below – I always love hearing about others people ambitions and goals!

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