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I recently booked Pizza Express’ Adult Pizza Making class for a group of my friends (my love for pizza is endless!) and I wanted to write a blog post on the event….

(This is not a sponsored post – I wish it was!)

We were greeted by a waiter and shown to our seats which was separated slightly from the rest of the restaurant. A complimentary glass of prosecco and Pizza Express’ famous dough balls were then brought out to us (their dough balls are incredible with a generous dollop of butter!!). As well and the butter, they also provided a red spicy chutney and green pesto to go with the dough balls which my friends really liked – I stuck with the butter, yum!

Once we were finished with the dough balls, the real fun began…

Next to our seated tables was another long table where we were to make our pizza’s. We all lined up at the table and were given some dough to practice kneading and making our base – we didn’t use rolling pins, we were taught how to use our hands to spread and flatten the dough into the circle base (although my friends and I were rubbish at that! We had bases with holes in them and questionable shapes!) It made for a great laugh between us as we learnt it was as easy as we thought! The pizza express staff showed off their pizza tossing skills which was impressive to say the least!

After we’d destroyed our bases during the practice round, we were given some more for the real deal were able to add the tomato sauce and toppings on. The toppings were fairly basic but just what most people would want on their pizza’s and they were very accommodating of the vegetarians and vegans making sure everything was kept separate. We had red onions, mushrooms, cheese, tomatoes, chilli’s and chicken to name a few all served in separate pots.

Back at our seats we waited for the pizza’s to be cooked and finished off our prosecco.

When the pizza’s arrived we were given the usual oils to go on top (my favourite is their chilli oil – does anyone know if Pizza Express sell that oil?) and we dug in to our creations. The pizzas actually turned out really good and the whole evening was a great laugh as well as a bit of bonding between friends who hadn’t seen each other in a while.

At the end of the evening we were even given individual Don’t Give Up Your Day Job certificates with our names on them which I thought was a nice extra touch!


All that for £21.95 per guest – result!

Pizza express also do a Pizza Making class for children (probably without the prosecco, though!).

If you love pizza and want to combine it with some fun I’d definitely recommend trying out Pizza Express pizza making class! Lots of fun, delicious meal and a bargain too – can’t go wrong!


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