Coppa Club – Amazing London restaurant/bar

Hi Guys!

I celebrated my birthday recently and went to Coppa Club near London’s Tower Bridge.

The main attraction of this restaurant/bar is the outside heated igloos which overlook the river. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to book one of the igloos as they were fully booked until the end of the year, but I was able to book a table indoors and I wanted to write a post as it was such a great venue.

Coppa Club, Tower Bridge
Coppa Club, Tower Bridge

The vibe of the restaurant was very chilled (despite how busy they were) with low lighting, creating a great¬†ambience for a dinner date or night out with friends or family, whether it’s to eat or just have a few drinks.

We were seated inside in a lovely spacious dining area and chose our food from the All Day menu. I shared a couple of sides and a pizza with one of my friends, we had the house salad, tomato bruschetta and a¬†Margherita pizza. The house salad and pizza was lovely, the bruschetta wasn’t the best I’ve ever had (but still edible!).

The service was great, our waiter took great care of us and brought us our drinks and food quickly. The restaurant was clearly busy so I was impressed at his cool composure and fast delivery of our orders.

Overall, I was very pleased with the venue, service and food and drinks. I’d definitely recommend visiting even if you’re not lucky enough to book one of the igloos! (I’ll definitely try again for the igloos soon, it’ll make a great unique setting to dine in!)

Let me know if you’ve ever been or if you’d recommend any other unique and awesome restaurants! I love checking new and funky places out!


Lina x

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