The White Company – Seychelles Coconut Body Oil

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You may have seen my previous post on The White Company’s Seychelles Range where I talked about some of the products I’ve tried and I wanted to share with you my latest purchase and give you my review of it.

As you will have picked up from the title of this post it’s the Seychelles Coconut Body Oil!

Seychelles Coconut Body Oil
Seychelles Coconut Body Oil

It’s £16.00 and comes in a clear glass bottle with a silver top screw on lid and is packaged in a lovely white box. One thing to note is that there is no dispenser for the oil, you have to tip the oil straight from the bottle.

Seychelles Coconut Body Oil
Seychelles Coconut Body Oil
Seychelles Coconut Body Oil

When I brought it (from Selfridges in London) I didn’t realise the oil was in solid form and that you need to warm it up in your bath or under hot running water. I thought that would be a nuisance to have to do but actually it warms and melts very quickly and easily so I’m not as bothered by that now (I’ve held the bottle under hot water and let it melt entirely in the pictures used).

It absorbs into the skin wonderfully and smells absolutely incredible (as I knew it would!). It’s a little more subtle than some other products from this range – the hand cream, shower gel and body cream for example have a much longer lasting scent than this oil but it’s still really lovely to use.

While the scent doesn’t last long enough for me, it does lock in the moisture and makes my skin feel silky soft and smooth which I love.


Overall, I love this oil. The simplistic packaging has a luxurious look about it; very clean and elegant. The entire Seychelles range smells exceptional and this is no different (just a bit more subtle) and it leaves my skin feeling great. A superb product to use after taking a bath or shower – I just adore it! A definite thumbs up from me.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried this oil and what you thought!

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