147 Things by Jim Chapman

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I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Jim Chapman’s book 147 Things which is 322 pages of Jim’s weird and hilarious musings on facts of life. 

As it says on the cover it’s his ‘users guide to the universe from black holes to belly buttons’. 

147 Things, by Jim Chapman
147 Things, by Jim Chapman

For those of you who haven’t come across Jim Chapman – he is a UK YouTuber (1 of his many achievements) and shares a great deal of his life with his viewers, from playing with his pet dog to baking videos using his wife’s baking book. If you like a mixture of everyday life, fun and quirkiness you’ll enjoy Jim’s uploads which you can find here.. Jim Chapman’s channel (he’s not too bad on the eye either… just saying!).

If you already watch Jim’s videos you’ll know he’s not shy to share whatever is on his mind and this comes through in his book also – 27 pages in to the book, Jim’s already wondering about dinosaur penis’s, to giving an account of when curiosity got the better of him and he waxed his own testicles to how the Universe came about to be.

The penis stories at this point in the book are lighthearted breaks to some of the more thought provoking content he is offering. 

When I received this book I really wanted to love it as I love Jim’s YouTube videos, but if I’m honest I was a bit apprehensive (this being my first book by a YouTuber). But I have to say it’s really well written, interesting and has exceeded all expectations in leaps and bounds. 

In this book Jim manages to clearly and humorously articulate facts and knowledge that take up his brain space (or noggin). 

My favourite thing about the book which I think worked really well is how well laid out each ‘thing’ is in the book. In chronological order, each ‘thing’ links clearly and easily on to the next. Like reading a story book, but it’s not; it’s 147 things (facts) that have made Jim ponder and want to find out more about or learn a very good life lesson from. 

As a viewer of Jim’s YouTube channel, snippets in to his life were a great read. For example, Thing 16 – My Wife is brilliant to chat to when she’s asleep, was a particularly amusing snippet into their life. For anyone who watches their videos (his wife is also a YouTuber), you’ll know what a cute couple they are and can imagine how some of those conversations went! 

If you have a curious mind, as does Jim, you’ll enjoy this book. It’s easy to read each ‘thing’ is in small/small-ish sections so you can read as much or little as you like in chunks at a time.

I think this would make a cool gift for teens who probably already follow Jim’s social network – it’s filled with interesting facts and Jim’s quirky and witty spin and style of writing is very engaging making it that bit more fun to read for what is actually pretty educational! 

If you fancy checking this book out it’s available to purchase on Amazon 

It’s also available as an Audio Book and comes with an exclusive Q&A with the man himself, Jim Chapman. 

If you’ve already the book let me know in the comments below what your favourite ‘thing’ from the book is!

*To note, I was sent this book to review and the opinion’s are my own


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