Monday morning madness

Monday 25th September 2017

So I got off to a good start today (briefly!), even had time to make myself a lunch for work! Nothing too exciting just a cheese salad sandwich – but it’s a good start to save some money isn’t it?!

*End of good start to the day*

Off I trot to my station. As I approach the station I can see my train is already on the platform. I’ll never make it on to the platform before the train takes off – darn it! Nothing to fret over though, the tube trains arrive regularly (as long as they aren’t buggered!)

I swipe my Oyster card on the barrier and walk through as usual, but the barriers close on me far too quickly (why do they do that sometimes?!). My bag is trapped inbetween the barriers and I’m tugging at it trying to set it free (making a small scene!). A station staff member comes to my rescue, setting me and my bag free. I cheerily say ‘thank-you!’ trying to mask my embarrassment that I’d lost at the game of tug-of-war with the barrier.

Up the stairs and on to the platform. SHIT! I’ve forgotten my work laptop at home!

With a huff, I head back down the stairs. Through the barriers (quick, don’t get trapped!). Wait! I’ve been flippin’ charged! I didn’t make it anywhere! My saviour from 30 seconds ago is the only station staff within eyesight. I approach and explain, I’ve just ‘touch in’ but needed to leave the station and got charged on my Oyster card. He solves the issue and puts the money back on my card within the minute – I’m impressed! (and on the off chance you’re reading this blog Mr Tube staff, thank you for not laughing at my shitty Monday morning!).

It gets worse… as I speed walk out of the station still huffing at myself (probably looking like crap too – it was fairly humid and my hair wasn’t prepared for that *BIG, wild, frickin’ crazy frizzy hair alert!*), my tube crush walks into the station. I’m sure he saw me (and most likely thought ‘what the hell is wrong with her!?’).

I’m not sure if I should have been grateful to not have to get on the same train as him looking like I did – or annoyed that I couldn’t be on the train with him!

Walk home, retrieve the bloody laptop and back to the station.

On the plus side, I clocked up a LOT of steps before 9am and was able to spritz my hair with some anti-humidity spray in my brief minutes back at home while picking up my laptop. Life saver! Every cloud and all….

Anyway, I hope you all had a better Monday than me!


Lina x

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