Things I like to do to relax

Hi Guys!

Life can be crazy sometimes and winding down and relaxing is so important for your own health and well being.

I have a busy mind and sometimes don’t leave work at work (I have an office ‘9-5’ job). I’ve worked crazy hours in the past which has really got to me and left me feeling quite down so I always make an effort to make sure I do things that I enjoy and relax.

Here’s a few things I like to do –

Read a book – I’ve always loved reading, but as I got older just stopped making the time for it. This year in particular I’ve made an effort to get back in to reading. I find it relaxing and love getting lost in a good book. It’s a good way to escape your own problems however big or small and focus on something else. Psychological thrillers are my absolute favourite. I love a book with a good twist!

Write – Whether it’s just scribbling some thoughts down or working on this blog, writing is a favourite past time of mine. I loved creative writing when I was younger and would love to publish a novel one day. But after a long day, just jotting ideas down is calming and feels productive even when it’s just jibber jabber! I enjoy reading over old notes too, it kind of feels like a diary and helps put things in perspective sometimes when I read back over things.

Have a bubble bath – Not everyone likes baths, but I love them! A good Radox bubble bath or a Lush bath bomb with it’s amazing colours and smells completely winds me down and relaxes me better than anything!

Listen to music – I have a playlist of chilled music that I like to listen to (there’s a lot of Adele in there!). I usually pop that playlist on for my journey home from work and just stop thinking about work and focus on the music (and pretend I can sing like Adele!) Sometimes just music with no lyrics is good too, Spotify is good to find a good ‘chill’ playlist on.

Get a massage – Specifically a back or head massage. These can be quite pricey depending on where you go, but I do like to treat myself to a massage once in a while. It takes the stress away and is super relaxing. I could spends hours getting a massage! Just not on my feet as I’m super ticklish on my feet!

Everyone does different things to relax, let me know in the comments below what you like to do!

Lina x

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