How I chose my (smoothie) blender and a review

Hi guys!

As part of my getting fit and being healthier goals I decided to invest in a blender that I can make smoothies in. The key things for me were: something inexpensive, easy to use and easy to clean.

I started a google search to see what options were available in the market and to get a rough idea on prices for blenders.

Eventually I narrowed it down to 3 – all of which ranged quite significantly in price but seemed to fit the bill in terms of being good blenders that were easy to use and easy to clean.

My 3 were –

Breville VBL062 Blend Active Blender which you can buy from Amazon for £29.99

Salter EK2002BLACKUTSFOB Nutri Pro Blender which comes in at £49.99 on Amazon.

And of course the well known and largely hyped NutriBullet which ranges in prices (depending on which model you buy) on Amazon for around £80.00.

Luckily with social media being such a force right now I was able to read up on these blenders from actual users and watched numerous videos of YouTubers making smoothies in these blenders.

I pretty quickly ruled out the Breville blender – although it’s a decent blender, from the videos I watched it just wasn’t quite as powerful as the others and the cup in which you blend (and drink from) is quite narrow making it harder to get a good blend quickly. These users seemed to have to keep shaking the cup mid blend to get the remaining contents to the bottom so they could blend again properly. So, for that reason I ruled Breville out.

As I continued my research I found the Salter Nutri Pro and the NutriBullet were very similar and are compared a fair amount. The main difference seemed to be just the price.

I then came across a YouTube video where both blenders were being put up against each other in the ultimate test to see which one was better. Both cups were filled with the same fruits etc and were blended for the same amount of time. The test was in the end result of the smoothie…and the verdict was there was barely any difference in the smoothness or the taste! Making the difference in price of the blenders the only difference!

I know this was only one video testing them together and of course there’s other factors to consider such as durability but based in the price difference and my own observations of Salter products and how well they function, I made my decision.. I was buying the Salter Nutri Pro. It ticked all the boxes and even better was that it was cheaper still on Amazon with a further £10 off offer. I got it at £39.99 (plus next day postage and packaging making it £43.99). It’s currently £49.99 with free regular postage and packaging.


I didn’t get off to a good start, I paid for next day delivery and it didn’t arrive during the day, or indeed even before 9pm. It must have arrived quite late in the evening as when I stepped outside the next morning (the day after it was supposed to arrive) I found the box on my doorstep – it was soaking wet as it had rained that night. Luckily, it was well packaged and there was no damage to the blender or the blenders box – but I was still unimpressed that an electrical appliance was left outside overnight where it could have been stolen or damaged in the rain.

Anyhow, that was the first and only issue (thank goodness!) Eager to use it, I unwrapped my shiny new blender, gave the cups a quick wash before use and threw in whatever fruits and greens we had in the house. I think I threw in some banana’s, spinach and apples and some milk as the liquid base. I was impressed with the power and speed at which the blender tore up the ingredients and a mere 20 second blitz gave me a nice smooth smoothie. It wasn’t the nicest tasting smoothie but that was on the bland choice of ingredients and not a reflection of the blender itself!


For my next smoothie I armed myself with some frozen fruits that I’d brought and threw in a more exotic choice of fruits consisting of strawberries, mango’s, blueberries, spinach and banana. The real test here was how the blender would fair with frozen fruits. I’d already watched videos of it blending ice and doing a fair good job but I wanted to try it for myself. Although I don’t plan on blending ice, as I don’t want to dilute the smoothie, frozen fruit feels like the best next thing. I was especially pleased with my blender purchase when it effortlessly blended the frozen fruits and gave me a smooth smoothie with no lumps or bumps. Needless to say, I was very happy with the blender!

The blades are fierce!


Cleaning it is a breeze, too. You blend in the cup that you also then drink from – you just swap the bottom that has the blades, flip the cup around and screw on the cap. Meaning you can have the smoothie on the go. The only thing I need to clean in the morning after making the smoothie is the blades. I drink my smoothie on my way to work and give it a rinse when I get to work (and a proper wash when I get home). That’s it! Job done. Then I do it again the next morning.

It’s honestly so quick and easy. Exactly what I wanted.


I brought it mid May this year and nearly 4 months on I still love it as much as I did when it was brand new. It sturdy, compact, quick, powerful, easy and basically perfect. I can’t fault it!

Let me know in the comments below what you use and if you have the same one I do and what you think.

I’d also, be interested to know what smoothie recipes you love!

Hope you enjoyed this blog and found it helpful! It was posts like this that helped me make my decision to purchase the Salter Nutri Pro Blender and I’m glad I did!


Lina x

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