Monthly favourites – August 2017

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I thought I’d write a monthly favorites as I have found a few new bits and bobs that I’ve really enjoyed over the past month.

In my monthly favourites I’ll list beauty, foods, drinks (or pretty much anything!) that I’ve been enjoying in that month.

Here’s goes for August! (I’ll group them by category and will also list my ‘top pick’ in each category)



Aussie 3 Miracle Oil – I’m really bad at protecting my hair from my almost daily straightening and blow drying, which of course damages my hair. With particularly damaged hair I brought the Aussie 3 Miracle Oil which is £9.99 (I purchased it on a 3 for 2 offer at Boots). It’s a lightweight oil treatment for damaged hair and you can use it before shampooing, on damp hair and dry hair. I use it on damp hair and really like it a lot. It left my hair feeling soft and nourished straight away – my hair was very dry and bristly before use. I love using oils on my hair but always have the worry of them feeling heavy or greasy on my hair which the Aussie 3 Miracle Oil doesn’t do at all. It’s wonderfully light, smells gorge and keeps my hair looking in tip top condition!

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick – at £31 you do feel the pinch in your bank account with this foundation but luckily it’s a lovely foundation! This is more a ‘re-discover’ for me, I used it a couple of years ago at a friends wedding (applied by the make up artist) and went out and brought one myself and used it for a month or so before trying another product and not going back to this foundation stick (I was in a full on trying-new-foundations stage in my life!) But I pulled this bad boy back out and brought it in my more natural shade as the previous purchase was matched for me with a tan (and quite old!) and boy, oh boy did I fall in love with it again! I use the shade Warm Natural and just love how natural this foundation looks and how light on the skin it feels, but with ample opportunity to build as much as you like. With 31 shades to choose from it would be difficult not to be able to find a good shade for your complexion.



…….is the Kind Natured Moisturising Coconut & Monoi Body Lotion. I mentioned this in my Coconut Addict post, which you can find here Coconut Addict – Hair and Body products I’ve been using this pretty much everyday since I brought it. It smells gorgeous and leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturised. Best of all it’s cruelty free – tested on people not animals. In fact, Kind Natured is such a fitting name for this brand, they really do care about their products and the affects on skin it has and make sure it’s as clean and safe as they can possibly make! Definitely a brand worth checking out and I’ll be looking in to more of their products to see what other delights they have very soon!


Food and Drinks

First up in food, Sundried Tomatoes. Where have these been my whole life? I’m sure I’ve had them before but I’ve never really paid a great deal of attention to them, the way I have over the past few weeks! I’ve seriously gotten hooked on them and my favorite is in a toasted sandwich with cheddar cheese! YUM! Sundried tomatoes – taking tomatoes to a whole new level!

Porridge – Don’t laugh, but I’ve never had porridge before this month (that I can remember anyway!) I don’t know why but I randomly decided to give it a go earlier this month and loved it! I’ve been putting honey, almonds and coconut shavings in it (is that a weird mix?? I don’t know, but it’s fabulous!). Also, with milk not water! Let me know in the comments below what you love to put in your porridge!



……. is Graze Punchy Protein Nuts. These were introduced to me by a work colleague and I love them (Graze, not my colleague!) They are chilli and lime flavoured cashews and salted peanuts and almonds and they are so incredibly tasty!! I find the lime more prominent in the cashews than the chilli (but I have a high tolerance for spicy foods – comes in the genes when you’re Indian!) But I honestly don’t think they are very spicy – some of my friends who aren’t big on spicy foods are fine with them. These make such a great snack and are delicious. I brought mine from Waitrose as they are currently on offer at £1.50 (usually about £3), so I topped up on a few packets to keep me going for a while! They were hard to get as they are always sold out! If you like a bit of zesty chilli and lime do try these out!





That’s it for this months favourites! Be sure to leave your comments below.

Until next time, bye!


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  1. The lotion packaging is adorable. I’ve always wanted to try Bobbi Brown products! And omg Graze! Yes! It’s the best.

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