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We all love a bit of Lush bath products don’t we? Amazing colours, incredible smells, cruelty free, super soft skin and fun to watch the bath bombs activate their sizzling selves in the water creating the most relaxing baths ever!

There’s so many superb products to choose from and I love browsing Lush stores to see what new products they’ve released and trying out existing ones that I just haven’t gotten around to trying yet.

But sometimes it’s great to go back to the all time favourites and remember just why you fell in love with them. Which is exactly what I did just yesterday when I let Sex Bomb loose in my bath tub!


Sex Bomb is my favourite of Lush’s Bath Bombs. I love the colours of the Bath Bomb and the little petals on the top. It’s such a pretty Bath Bomb and is so lovely to relax in after a long day.


Watching the Bath Bomb in action is nearly as relaxing as sitting in the bath itself! I love watching the Bath Bomb dissolve and the colours spread across the water. The pink and purple fusion of Sex Bomb is beautiful – it looks so mystical when you first drop it in to the water!

I love how the petals break away and float along the top of the water!


Does anyone else like to lift the Bath Bomb out of the water while it’s still dissolving and watch it sizzle for a few seconds? No? Just me..?!


Look how lovely it looks!

It smells really luscious and leaves my skin feeling so soft. Its one of their most relaxing Bath Bombs ever! – I forgot just how much I love it!


I’d love to hear what your favourite Lush product is? Let me know in the comments below! Especially if you’ve tried products outside of their bath and shower collection as I’m on a mission to expand my Lush horizons and always good to know what other people love!

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