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I wanted to do a post on the Seychelles range from the White Company as it’s one of very few ranges where I love pretty much every product in the range and am prepared to spend that bit extra on to treat myself.

Anyone who know me knows how much I love the Seychelles range from The White Company. It’s usually the safest gift to get me and I’ve owned a lot of the products from the range.

Reason being..? It smells DIVINE!! That’s no exaggeration, it’s one of my favourite scents ever. It smells like vanilla and coconut but is also described by The White Company as having fresh bergamot and notes of coconut, vanilla and almond. I don’t think it’s possible to give this scent any justice with words alone, it needs to smelt to be truly appreciated! Next time you’re in The White Company I urge you to go give this stuff a sniff, it’s incredible!

My first purchase from the Seychelles selection was the hand lotion. I fell in love with it immediately and receive so many compliments on how nice I smell anytime I have it on. I actually stopped spraying perfume on myself for a while because I wanted Seychelles to be the only scent on me!

I swiftly followed up with a purchase of one of their candles – I wanted my whole house to smell of it! This of course then led to buying their diffuser which also smells amazing, of course!

The White Company, Seychelles candle

The Seychelles home spray is my back up when I don’t want to light a candle or want a quick dose of the Seychelles smell for the home!

I also had the bath and body gift set. Now….. I was thrilled to receive this (it was a gift to me), but after a few uses of the shower gel I noticed my skin was getting very dry – especially on my arms. A few more uses and the skin on my underarms was so dry it was starting to scab a little and was actually a little painful when I lifted my arms as the skin was trying to stretch but couldn’t due to the dried and scabbed skin. I stopped using the shower gel and returned to my regular shower and my skin was back to normal within a week. For that reason, the shower gel is my least favorite from this range that I’ve tried. Don’t get me wrong it smells incredible but is just too harsh on my skin and is the only product that I’ve used that caused such a reaction on my skin. If you’ve tried it let me know in the comments below how you got on with it.. maybe it’s just my skin that reacted to it..?

The body cream, however, which came in the set is wonderful and takes me back to the first time I used their handcream. It’s lovely and rich and nourishing on my skin and I’ve had no reaction to that at all (thankfully!)

The prices of the Seychelles range from The White Company range from about £10 right the way up to £160 for their indulgent candle. They also have a soap and a couple of other small items that are under £10. Their gifts sets are good to buy and are good value for money rather than buying individual items and excellent gifts for people!

I love the branding which is consistent throughout all products by The White Company. They’re so elegant and simple and luxurious.

If you haven’t tried the Seychelles range I would definitely recommend it! I absolutely love it (aside from the harsh shower gel, which is the only product I didn’t enjoy!)

They make really good treats for yourself or gifts to others.

Simply gorgeous.


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