Eerie looking photo taken by accident!

Hi Guys!

I was flicking through my photos on my Olympus Pen just now and stumbled across this pic which I must have accidentally taken when I first got the camera. It’s really eerie looking and I’m a little mesmerised by it!

It’s was a clear day, as you can see through the window but the rest of my room is blacked out in this photo – I really can’t remember what camera setting this pic was taken in as it was new to me back then and I just picked it up and started taking pics ‘playing’ with my new camera!

I love the light/dark contrast and the strange angle is what makes it so eerie looking to me.

If you’ve managed to capture any eerie looking pics – either on purpose or by accident, share your social media link with me in the comments below, I’d love to check them out!



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