NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer review

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One of the most important make-up products to me is a frickin’ fantastic concealer. My genes weren’t kind to me and I have darks circles under my eyes which I hate! I’ve tried everything to get rid of them, but the bottom line is they are with me for life ūüôĀ

So a great concealer is an absolute must for me.

I came across the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer¬†when I was watching a YouTubers video and thought I’d give it a go as she (and many others) were raving about how great the concealer is.

It doesn’t come cheap, it’s ¬£23, but it’s not the most expensive concealer on the market either. But, honestly, it’s worth every penny!


I have this concealer in 2 shades –¬†Caramel and Ginger.

I use Caramel to hide under eye dark circles, it’s tone is just perfect for my skin tone.

I use Ginger as more of a brightener/highlighter.


The coverage of these concealers is absolutely amazing, I love the formula, it’s a creamy texture (as it’s name suggests!) and blends really well.

The sponge top applicator is super soft, which is important when applying under the eyes. It doesn’t drag on the sensitive skin around the eyes, picks up a good amount of product and applies brilliantly. I usually blend with my¬†beauty blender¬†or sometimes just dab on with my fingers.


Other than the fantastic coverage, my favorite thing about this concealer is how long wearing it is. I don’t like putting make up on top of make up and seldom ‘touch up’ during the day¬†(other than lipstick or lip gloss) so I love that I don’t need to keep reapplying this Nars concealer – it stays on, doesn’t move about and keeps a strong coverage throughout the day.

Overall, I simply can’t get enough of this concealer – it’s my go to concealer¬†and I wear it every single day. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new concealer.


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    1. It’s a fantastic concealer! I’ve haven’t used the Tarte one but hear that’s pretty awesome too. When I’m stumped between 2 (or more) products I usually go to their make-up counters and get them to try the products on me and make a decision from there. Time consuming, but worth it considering the prices of some of these products! x

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