Get to know me – 25 questions

Hi Guys

As I’m relatively new to blogging and haven’t given much away about ME, I thought I’d do a 25 questions Get to know me tag.

Not at all to be vain or anything like that! Just so you can get an inkling to the person behind this little blog site! No need to read this if you don’t want to!!

  1. Are you a morning or night person? A night person definitely! I hate mornings!
  2. Do you prefer, sweet or salty foods? Salty
  3. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? (I feel like the usual answer here is ‘to be able to fly’!). I think I’d want to be able to read peoples thoughts, so I can stop putting my foot in my mouth!
  4. What is usually your first thought when you wake up? 5 more minutes sleep please!
  5. What’s your favorite animal? I love wild cats. Tiger’s are amazing.
  6. Do you believe in ghosts? I’ve always believed there is no such thing as ghosts, but last year I’m sure something was ‘shushing’ me to sleep one night when I couldn’t sleep.
  7. If you were given 1 million pounds, what do you spend it on? I’d buy a house (a reasonable sized one, I really don’t want a massive mansion with 6 bathrooms!)… anything remaining would go in to a good ISA/Bank account!
  8. Have any bad habits? Cracking my knuckles!
  9. Which bad habits, if any, drive you crazy? People who smack their gums when they eat (eat with their mouths open)… arghh!!!!
  10. List 3 of your best personality traits: Funny, Kind, Loving
  11. List 3 of your worst personality traits: I can hold a grudge! A little too sarcastic sometimes! Overthink things sometimes.
  12. What’s the first thing you notice in the opposite sex? (Physical) Eyes. (Personality) Humour
  13. What personality traits do you dislike in other people? Arrogance
  14. Are you mostly a clean or messy person? I’m an ‘organised mess’ kind of person!
  15. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? I really want to visit Australia
  16. Name 1 thing you miss about being a kid: The freedom
  17. What would be your dream job? Interior designer
  18. What is your first memory? My mum doesn’t believe me and thinks she must have told me, but I remember being in my cot and listening to a phone conversation she was having with my Dad (we’d had really bad weather and she was checking he was OK). I remember being able to look out of the window and seeing the tree outside the house swaying a lot as it was still really windy. I was just a baby.
  19. If you could give your younger self any advice what would it be? Listen to yourself more and believe in yourself.
  20. What is your favourite food? Pizza
  21. Least favourite food? I really don’t like raisons. Weird texture!
  22. Why did you start blogging? I love to write, I find it therapeutic. Also, I love reading other people blogs, there’s so many good products I’ve learnt about and I’d love if I can do that to others. It’s also a good way to document life. I just genuinely love doing this.
  23. What is your favourite cocktail? Sex on the Beach
  24. Do you remember your dreams? When I was a child I used to have vivid dreams that were very action packed – being chased, going on adventures. As an adult I don’t remember my dreams much.
  25. If you could change one thing in the world what would it be? I’d end hunger – everyone should be able to eat comfortably.


If you have any questions for me, leave me a comment below and I’ll make sure I respond to each one!


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