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Hi Guys

I’ve been shopping! ūüôā

I’ve brought some really good things¬†and everything I got was well priced/on sale, so I’m really pleased!

Starting off with Primark, I’ve made two visits to Primark¬†recently and brought two more of their basic t-shirts. You will have seen from¬†one of my previous Clothes and shoes haul…! blogs, I brought three t-shirts and I love them so much¬†I couldn’t resist but buy some more.

They look really good and feel amazing. The fabric is so soft and they are very breathable which in the UK heat right now is required!

Stripes are my thing so I brought 2 more stripy ones. These are in a size 8 and cost ¬£3 – bargain considering how much wear I’ll get out of them!


I’d also been eyeing up their Parka in a Pocket jackets recently and decided to buy a black¬†one. These are really handy in this kind of weather we’ve been having in the UK recently where it’s super sunny and hot one minute and pouring with rain the next (but still hot). It’s very light and breathable and compact – one of the pockets has a zip which you can fold the entire jacket into and keep it in your bag. It’s also shower resistant which will come handy when you’re caught in the rain with no umbrella!

The sleeves can be worn long sleeved or rolled up and clipped up as I have in the pics below. It also has a draw string around the waist which you can tighten to give more shape which is very flattering when worn. It also has a hood if you get caught in the rain!

I brought this in a size small and it cost £9.



In the homeware section I spotted a picture board with pegs which I adored the second I saw it! It can be used to peg pictures on or keep reminders/notes on. Love it!

It has a simple black frame and the wires are a copper/rose gold colour (like many people I’m absolutely loving anything that’s rose gold!)

I brought this for £6.



Also from the home section Primark,¬†I brought an extra large towel from their¬†luxury range. I know some people may be hesitant about buying a towel from Primark and have concerns over quality but I brought a large towel from there years ago and it’s still going strong and is super soft and hasn’t frayed even slightly (that one wasn’t in the luxury range .. I don’t think!), so I’m perfectly happy buying my towels from Primark.

I brought this for ¬£11 in a light teal colour and can’t wait to start using it!



In another visit to Primark, I brought a pair of black ankle boots. These are so comfortable and look amazing on. Very versatile, comfy and cheap and jolly! Can’t go wrong!

I brought these for £8 and got them in a UK size 3 (I have baby feet!)



I popped in to H&M a couple of weeks ago and saw a really lovely long skirt in my size but then spotted the queue for the tills so had to put it back as I was cutting it fine for an event I needed to be at. I knew I’d¬†go back to buy the skirt so made the most of a day off work to go shopping and made sure¬†to go back for it. Unfortunately, the only sizes remaining were¬†a 6 and a 14. The waist¬†is stretchy so I figured I could probably get away with the size 6. It’s a little snug trying to get it on (a size 8 would have been much better, maybe even a 10), but once it’s around the waist it’s OK. I love the pattern on the skirt, it’s perfect for the¬†Summer and holidays. It has a sheer material from top to bottom with slits up to the knees on both sides, which I like as it makes it easier to walk in and it has a short black lining underneath which stops mid thigh. While I was in the queue I noticed they also have the same skirt in plain blue, but I was too far into the line to leave it and go find my size! I’ll save that for another trip and hopefully will be able to get it in my size!

I brought this for £6.99.




I also went in to Zara, which is a default move¬†during every shopping trip! Zara have a sale on right now so as you can imagine it was very busy in their store! I feel like I struck gold with this coat (I know it’s super hot in the UK right now, but I can’t wait for it to cool down so I can wear this jacket in the Autumn!). Like with my H&M skirt there were 2 of these jackets left on the rail – the first one was in a size large, the other was in a size medium. My preference would have been a small and I pondered it for a little while but actually when I put it on, it didn’t look too bad and I think I can get away with it. Let me know what you think in the comments below…

This cost me £19.99 which I was thrilled with!



While I was in Zara I checked out their fragrances¬† I’ve never brought any of their fragrances before but ended up buying two.

The first one is Sweet Vanilla. As the names suggests it is a sweet scent, but not sickly sweet. It came boxed and when you open it, the bottle is in a nude pouch which is very cute. I love the packaging and the scent is amazing and actually lasted a lot longer than I thought it would.

The next fragrance is Wood Boards Studio in Melbourne. This comes in a fabric pouch with a draw string at the top and it smells amazing. It’s another sweet fragrance.. but again, not sickly at all.. it’s nice and light and subtle. Again, I love the packaging, it’s simple and clean and just lets the fragrance do the talking.

Both fragrances were £12.99 each which is a bargain as they smell gorgeous and just based on smell fit in nicely with some of my more expensive fragrances by some of the more high end luxury brands.




That’s all for now, hope you enjoyed my blog and like the things I’ve brought… I’m certainly very pleased!

Feel free to send me your comments and follow my blog for more from me on all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle!


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