Nars – Semi Matte Lipstick – Shanghai Express

Lipsticks can be hard work. Finding the right shade, matte or glossy, durability, wear-ability, stickiness, smudginess….I could go on..!

When you’re spending £20+ you want to know that all the right boxes are ticked. There’s nothing worse than spending a fortune on any kind of make-up and then discovering that it’s not quite right.

So at £21 for the Nars Semi Matte Lipstick I was hoping for a winner!

I’m pleased to say I won!

I chose the shade Shanghai Express.

It’s a wonderful red shade with a slight brown undertone to it giving a superb pop of colour to the lips but without being too overly bold (you’d probably want shade Heat Wave for that).


I initially brought this to wear to dinners and events as it’s a very sophisticated and elegant colour but I have since started wearing this lipstick during the day to work – especially on days where my skin looks dull and I feel like my face needs a bit of colour to it!

It’s long lasting and doesn’t dry my lips at all, which I love as that’s usually my problem with most matte lipsticks. It does require the occasional touch up over the day which is fine by me as it’s not a ‘on the hour, every hour’ kind of touch up!

There’s absolutely no stickiness on the lips once applied and it doesn’t smudge easily either.


I’ve received plenty of compliments while wearing this lipstick which is always lovely! You know you’ve brought a great product when a stranger stops you on the train and asks what lippie you’re wearing!

There’s something about wearing a great lipstick that just generates confidence into me and this lipstick does just that, which largely comes from knowing it’s not going to fade quickly or get dry on me and I know it looks fabulous on! It doesn’t even get on my teeth!

At £21 it is a little steeper than I would generally spend but it is worth the money.



Overall, I’m really please with this lipstick. Nars have some really beautiful shades in this range from nudes, to bright reds to deeper tones – there’s something there for everyone!

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite shade is or if you’ve tried any of Nars’ other lipsticks that you would recommend!


Lina x


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