Beauty review – Beauty Must Haves from Boots

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You will have seen in one of my previous blogs, I had a super trip to Boots A very successful trip to Boots where I received an amazing Beauty Must Haves box filled with some great products by fantastic brands. I was really excited by all of the products in the box and promised to do a review on some of them, which I will do now..!

First off, there was a bottle of Taming Anti Humidity spray by Mark Hill. This was very timely as we had a heatwave in the UK recently and while I love a bit of sun, the humidity and my long, thick hair do not get along!

I loved this spray from the get go. Firstly, it doesn’t feel like you have any product on the hair – it’s a nice and light spray and doesn’t hold the hair down heavily or leave any greasiness or stickiness. It added a brilliant shine which I noticed instantly and it stayed throughout the day. Most importantly it kept my hair from going crazy in the humidity! I actually forgot I even had this little beauty, so went a few days with my hair doing it’s own crazy thing in the heat before saving it with this spray. It’s a must have for anyone who gets crazy hair in the humidity and I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to discover this in the Boots Beauty Must Haves box.



The next Beauty Must Have that I wanted to tell you about is the No7 Moisture Drench lipstick in shade Sweet Copper. I love wearing lipsticks and this colour is right up my street, but like most people I find some of the high street brands very drying on my lips so I was excited to see that this was marketed as a moisture drench lip stick. The colour firstly is gorgeous. It looks like a brighter red than it actually is when you apply it, it’s more a red with a hint of coral/pink to it. So if you’re purchasing one, I would definitely recommend to purchase it from a store having swatched it first rather than going by the colour it looks like on the stick or sticker.


It definitely feels very moisturising when I apply it and it doesn’t dry for the duration that I have it on. The lipstick itself doesn’t last very long on my lips, which I didn’t expect it to, so it does require reapplying and it does smudge slightly around the lips throughout the day. Probably not one to wear to a wedding or event where you’ll need a long lasting lip stick, but for casual wear where you’ll be able to reapply or touch up easily it’s lovely.


Next up is the Champneys, Barefoot Beauty restoring foot butter. I’m not a big fan of foot creams usually as I find them greasy and uncomfortable but I actually quite liked this one.  I wouldn’t say it completely dissolves upon use – you still need to wear a pair of socks while it does it’s work – but it’s definitely a lot nicer than other foot creams I’ve used and works just as well. My feet felt silky soft from the first use and it has a nice soft minty scent which was lovely.

Overall, a very nice product. I love the package and product and would definitely purchase.



Finally, the 2nd of the No7 products that were in the Beauty Must Haves box – No7, Youthful Eye Serum. I’ve heard really mixed reviews about this Serum, so I was glad to be able to give it a go myself. From first use I’ve really liked the texture – it’s nice and light and has no harshness to it so doesn’t aggravate the sensitive skin around the eyes. It dries into the skin quickly and doesn’t just sit on top of the skin looking greasy. It’s very moisturising and leaves the eye area lovely and smooth. It’s too soon to say if it’s reducing my dark circles or brightening the eye area and eliminating lines – it claims to target signs of ageing for younger looking skin in 4 weeks and I’ve been using it for about 2, but so far so good in my opinion. It struck me as quite expensive for a No7 product at £19.50 in Boots but if it works well and I see signs of it working, it’ll be the only eye serum I’ve used to do so and I would buy it myself! Initial thoughts are good and I’m glad it was in the Beauty Must Haves box as I don’t think it’s one that I would have thought to purchase otherwise.



Overall, I’m really pleased with the products that were in the box. It was a really good collection of brands and I’m impressed that they were full sized bottles/tubes. I feel like I’ve discovered some real keepers!


Lina x

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