Clothes and shoes haul..!

Hi everyone!

I went into my local town yesterday and popped into Primark. My aim was to buy some of their simple t-shirts which I find really comfortable and soft to wear and they are super cheap and jolly.

Below is a white and navy striped t-shirt in size 8 which I picked up for £3.

It’s lovely and soft to wear and something that I would team up some jeans and casual shoes, trainers or pumps.

These t-shirts are so great I picked up 2 more in size 8 – one in plain navy which was £2.50 and another white and navy striped one where the stripes are wider which was £3.

Total bargains!

While there, I also picked up some simple black shoes in size 3 (I have small feet!) and I also got the same ones in white. Again these are just really comfortable and easy to wear. Not very durable for long lasting wear but they’ll get me through the summer and at £3 who can complain!


They’re really casual and light to wear and perfect for the summer if you just want to throw something comfortable on that won’t hurt your feet.

Something else that I really wanted to buy was a pair of 3 quarter length bottoms – these were actually surprising hard to find! I thought I’d be able to get these at Primark, but I wasn’t able to find any in there. I tried Next and H&M too and still couldn’t find any, which I thought was odd as I would have thought they’d be everywhere for the summer. I eventually found a denim pair in Debenhams for £22.


I brought these in a size 10 – the size 8’s fit me but were slightly snug – I wanted them to be a little loose so they’re easier to wear over the summer and these are fantastic. I put them on as soon as I got home and left for a friends birthday and I was so comfortable in them and got some lovely compliments about them!

Not the biggest shop but I’m really pleased with my purchases and got everything I wanted!

Lina x


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