A very successful trip to Boots

I made a quick trip to Boots recently to pick up a new tub of Clarins Hydra-Essential moisturiser (which comes with SPF 15 I found out!) and a bottle of the Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up remover both products that I’ve over the past 6 months and absolutely love!

I was pleasantly surprised to receive more back in freebies than what I was spending!

With the moisturiser and eye make up remover with Clarins, I was offered 3 skin care products (which I got to pick from a selection of about 7 or 8 products and they were decent sized tubes too (rather than the teeny tiny miniature testers most places offer).

I picked –

Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel with marula oil, 50lm tube – I haven’t used this product before, it’s a gel that you massage on to dry skin and as you massage into the skin it turns into an oil and when you rinse it off it creates a milk which eliminates impurities from the skin. I’m really looking forward to trying this, I haven’t used Cleansing gel before so would be good to see the results.

Clarins Multi-Active night cream, 30ml tube – this targets fine lines and is for normal to combination skin. Again a Clarins product that I haven’t used but will try it out and blog a review soon!

Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Mask, 30ml tube – I’ve used this before (as a tester) but was given a smaller tube, so was pretty excited to see a larger tube available as a freebie with my other purchases. This is for dry/dehydrated skin, you apply it to the face and leave on for about 10 minutes and then remove it with a cotton pad. It definitely made my skin feel much more moisturised and healthier, so pleased to have some more as I have very dry skin.

To put all my Clarins goodies in I was given another lovely and unexpected freebie surprise – a lovely Clarins red and white striped bag!



Just as I think I’m ready to pay for my 2 purchases, the lady on the counter continues with her freebie’s……..

Boots were offering a Beauty Must Haves gift box filled with 6 full sized beauty products!

In the box were –

Soap & Glory Hand Food, original Pink Rose & Bergamot hand cream, 125ml – I love Soap & Glory products, they smell divine and this hand cream is really moisturising and lasting. I used up my smaller Soap & Glory hand cream recently, so to receive this was fabulous timing!



Champneys, Barefoot Beauty restoring foot butter, 125ml – I haven’t used this before, but with sandal season upon us now is the time to pamper the feet and get them ready for the summer to bare! Definitely looking forward to trying this product and will blog my review soon.



Mark Hill, Taming Anti Humidity spray, 250ml – this is in the number 3 finish and is definitely a must have type of product for me as I have thick hair and it has a life of it’s own! So I’m always looking for good hair products to control my hair! I love the 2 tone pink to orange colours on the spray – it’s bright and looks different from most other products. Will definitely give this a go on my wild hair and give you my verdict!



Soltan, Once Face Suncare Cream, 50ml – this is in a 30 SPF and obviously timed well with summer upon us. This tube says it provides up to 8 hours sun protection from one application – if I’m going to spend a lot of time out in the sun I usually top up every few hours if I’m without my make-up, but with make-up it’s definitely good to have a long lasting suncream for the face. This tube will most definitely be used this summer!

No7, Youthful Eye Serum, 15ml – again, a product that I haven’t used before but with the skin around the eye being so thin and sensitive, eye creams are a must in the beauty regime. So I’m glad to have this in the gift box and will share my verdict in a future blog!

No7, Moisture Drench lipstick in shade Sweet Copper 760 – two No7 products! and this comes with SPF 15 (I actually didn’t know lipsticks had SPF’s in them!?). The colour looks gorgeous and definitely the type of colour that I love to wear, especially as we approach the summer! I don’t know why but I tend to wear lipsticks more during the summer than any other season… so I’ll start using this immediately for sure!



I had no idea Boots were offering a Beauty Must Haves gift box, so this was a really wonderful surprise especially given the products are EXCELLENT! There isn’t anything in the box that I wouldn’t use. It’s packaged beautifully – really slick, lovely colours and obviously filled with some fantastic products by great brands!



Overall, a very successful trip to Boots!

Lina x

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