Making an effort to get fit and healthy

A couple of weeks ago I made a promise to myself that I would take better care of myself and try to get fit and healthier.

My main goals were to cut back on junk foods and get myself off to the gym more often than I had been over the last couple of months.

Have I cut back on junk foods?…honestly, not as much as I would have liked. Crisps are my weakness and the craving for salt and ‘the crunch’ beats my inner strength to resist a packet! This is clearly something that still needs work on! If anyone has a healthier alternative to crisps (but just as satisfying!) please do send me your suggestions! I have, however, kicked the fizzy drinks and instead drink far more water now. It’s not as satisfying tastewise but my skin seems to be thanking me for it! My skin is definitely clearer and not as dull looking. My usually fairly spot prone skin has only had one breakout in the last 2 weeks. A change in some of my facial products, I’m sure is also playing a part in that – I could feel the difference straight away with a couple of the products, but I also feel better; healthier better.

The gym; Spin class, Pilates and Treadmill – 3 of my favourite gym related words right now!

Spin class is fun…depending on the instructor. I have a great instructor who pumps up a fantastic music selection, is highly energetic and fun and has the class doing a full body work out on the bikes (spinning, of course!, standing up, sat down, press ups on the handles… just some serious high energy for the entire body and lots of fun!).

Pilates, a slightly different ball game to Spin! When I’m in the class I’m cursing myself a million times over promising myself I will never return…but I always do! It’s an activity where you can actually feel it working on your body and you know it’s doing a world of good in toning and building strength. It’s definitely not an easy class but still very much a good one to go to.

The Treadmill – I’ve always liked running. I find it therapeutic. I remember when I was in primary school I had a friend who loved running like me and while all the other children played with their skipping ropes etc we’d run up and down the playground for as long as our little legs would carry us. The love for running continued in to High School where I was one of very few kids who looked forward to Cross Country running each year. I’m certainly no athlete but running makes me feel free and energised. Cross Country definitely beats the treadmill but the action of running on the treadmill is still exciting to me – it’s a great time to think and is something I’ve loved for as long as I can remember.

It’s strange how gym sessions can actually leave you feeling more energised than not – that’s probably why we’re always encouraged to have a gym workout in the morning, but I’m not a morning person so my workouts happen in the evening after work. After a long day at work I’m usually really sluggish in the evenings and by midweek sometimes ready for bed as early as 9pm(!) but since joining the gym and focusing on my diet more I really do feel more alert, productive and energetic. Combine all that and I feel great! It all sounds cliché – I probably sound like a fitness instructor pushing for people to join a gym and pass your hard earned money to my industry… but I promise I’m not (I work in an office in an industry that has nothing to do with gyms or healthy living) – I just believe that the way you live and what you put in to your body has a massive affect on you and it’s probably something that we don’t realise until we stop and think about it and most importantly change. No, you don’t need to change everything about you but a few tweaks here and there can make a difference.

It’s still early days for me but there’s enough difference for me to know I’m on to a good thing and so I’ll keep on at it!


Lina x


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