Time to get fit and healthy!

I’ve always been slim and can eat what I like without the weight gain, but I’m always very conscious about the damage happening internally if not externally. In fact the only physical tell-tale when I’ve been eating too much junk food is my skin – my face gets very greasy and dull looking. I don’t get as many breakouts as I used to, but I definitely lose my ‘glow’ from my skin when I haven’t been looking after myself.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been very bad, eating lots of junk foods high in sugar (fizzy drinks being the main culprit) and high in salt (crisps being my weakness). I’ve also been quite lazy and not been to the gym in a few weeks. There’s a definite energy low I go through when I stop going to the gym – which leads me to reach out to high sugar foods for a quick energy boost, which of course is followed by the energy slump when the sugar wears off (not good and definitely not healthy!)

So here I am on a Sunday reflecting and promising myself I’ll ‘be good’ and eat healthier and I will go to the gym tomorrow after work… no excuses, I will make myself go. To be honest I’m not that bad with my gym workouts but during the winter it just feels harder to pluck up the motivation to go, when all I want to do is get home and get in to my cozy home clothes or PJ’s!

But you are what you eat and fitness is important, so I will aim to go to the gym at least 3 times this week and cut the sugar and salt intake and eat healthier foods.

I’ll keep you posted on what I’m doing and eating and more importantly how I’m looking and feeling!

Lina x


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