First blog post – why am I here?

Here I am, in bloggers paradise with a million thoughts running through my mind, ranging from – where do I start? does anyone care? do I really want to do this?

I’m not sponsored by anyone, this page is purely a place for me to lay down my thoughts be it about fashion, make-up, lifestyle, books or just random thoughts.

For a lot of us life passes by so quickly, we don’t get the chance to sit back and think about what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and what the impact of that is on us. We also get so caught up in work and life we lose ourselves and forget to do things that genuinely make us happy. Or we fall in to a routine and miss new possibilities and experiences.

I, for one, love to read but just don’t make the time to pick up a book and get lost in the story and engaged with the characters. That, I declare online, will change and I will read more often and offer my views on this site.

I love make-up, but only in the last year have I really started looking at and trying new brands. A small fortune has been spent on products that I only used once or twice which is frustrating but I’ve also discovered some great brands and products. Shamefully, I must admit I don’t have a good skin care regime. Some might argue (and they have!) that I don’t have ANY skin care regime (does putting on moisturiser, then make-up count for a good morning routine? Just as simple in the evening: make-up remover wipes and a quick face wash followed by the same moisturiser I used in the morning). I can already hear a million women gasping in horror at my appalling skin regime. I hear you ladies and I will follow a strict skin care regime from now and give you my verdict here. I’ve already armed myself with a morning moisturiser, serum, cleanser, toner and night cream (and yes, now I hear you breathe a sigh of relief as you realise there is hope for me yet).

When I walk around minding my business in everyday life I notice little (and sometimes big) things that make me stop in my tracks to just take in the beauty of it, or something amusing, or something that looks entirely different through my eyes than it does to the person standing beside me. What do I do? Well, the same as most people – I take a mental snapshot of it and store it away in my mind until the time comes to recall that snapshot; be it as clear as when I first saw it or a distorted version of it. Now here I am wondering why I didn’t take a picture? I have a camera on me at all times on my phone, why not capture those snapshots in a form that I know I won’t forget? Although, granted, a picture never really looks the same does it? Some might argue the memory is the best place to remember something incredible, but I will share here some of the things that catch my eye and hope the reason they caught my eye can be truly caught on camera.

They will be more, I’m sure, but right now as a newbie I’ll take baby steps as I venture in to online blogging…

Stay tuned.

Lina x





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